Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paper Pregnancy

You know...I am just not fond of the adoption term, "paper pregnancy"! I have been pregnant twice and have two boys. Now we are adopting, but I don't feel pregnant at all! A lot of people keep referring to me this way, you decide...would you like it?

OK...the pros of a paper pregnancy

  1. You shouldn't gain weight - if you do, it's your own fault...you are only eating for one - not two!
  2. No doctors visits
  3. No hormonal mood swings - although TheDentist actually said that I was more even-tempered during pregnancy! Go figure.
  4. No delivery!!!

Ok...now the cons

  1. You don't have that amazing maternal experience of carrying a child.
  2. Adoption is VERY expensive, and guess what, it is not covered on your insurance!
  3. You don't necessarily get to meet your child as a newborn.
  4. You DO NOT have a due date so the wait can be extremely emotional and trying.

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Blogging from the South said...

Hi there! I found your blog on Blogsbydanielle. I recently had her do a remake for mine. I live near Greensboro in Sophia. Know where that is? Just thought it would be nice to be blog buddies!!

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