Saturday, January 24, 2009

I May be Crazy

We woke up this morning with this in our front yard...
bathroom 002

Yes, we may be crazy! We decided to put our house on the market this week AND make an offer on a larger home just about five miles away. We will have a contingency clause, though, which means that we will not be buying the larger home unless ours sells first. Please wish us luck. We would really like to move before Emma comes home - for obvious reasons!

So for the past 12 hours I have been transforming our master bathroom from Benjam*n Moore Pear Green to Olymp*c Toasted Almond.

bathroom 004

Much more palatable for the prospective buyers, I'm sure!


Jodee Leader said...

How exciting! I hope you find the perfect buyers soon!

We have some toasted almond walls in our house too! I love your master bathroom!

teg said...

Good luck with that! While I'm sure the circumstances are quite different, I can't help but giggle because the previous owners of my home apparently didn't have a lot of taste. Their realtor told them she wouldn't represent them unless they painted the downstairs walls! I'm lucky that the only remnants of aforementioned horrid taste is way up under the blind fixtures. :)

Stephanie said...

That's very exciting! That color looks really nice, I'm sure it would appeal to almost anyone. Good luck!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Good Luck!!! I hope it all works out for you....moving into a new house is so exciting!!

The bathroom looks beautiful....I love the color you chose...very warm and cozy!!


Stacy said...

Hey girl...WOW - I wish you all the best! I am sure it will sell and I will keep my fingers crossed for you :). I love the color of the bathroom - very pretty!

Good luck :)


Cyndi said...

Good luck. I know how you feel about being crazy we still have the couple who wants our house and now with this new available situation the social worker told us to stay put do not move anytime soon.
So here we are. Your bathroom looks great I like the color and you are right that will suit just about anyone.

Kelly said...

Looks great:-)

I'm in the same boat, getting our house ready to go on the market in tomorrow, but the home we want won't accept a contingency so we are racing to sell first. Oh, I wish my house was ready- I guess I better quit blogging and start purging!

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