Monday, March 30, 2009

Detroit Bound and a little more...

The Tar Heels have made it to the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament for the second year in a row! I am hoping that this team plays better (in this round) than last year against Kansas. Carolina plays Saturday night against Villanova. We will be in New Orleans this weekend so we plan to watch it there with our friends from Louisiana. They have lovingly joked that there will be a blackout there since Carolina beat LSU to advance to the Sweet 16. :)

After the win last night against Oklahoma, the boys were ready to set up our giant inflatable Ramses. It is OBNOXIOUS! The only other time we actually put this out was when Carolina won the National Championship in 2005 against the University of Illinois. That was mainly because two sets of our neighbors went to school there (U of I), and we had a friendly rivalry going on during tournament time.

Well, it was way too windy here in NC yesterday for us to even think about putting this thing outside, but we inflated it long enough for the boys to see it and to get a few photos!

ramses B

tall ramses
And then tonight we were able to get Ramses out on the front porch...

As mentioned above, JC and I are leaving Thursday for New Orleans. We will be there for a dental conference until Sunday. JC’s parents and my Mom are being so generous and are keeping the boys for us while we are gone.

And last…I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who left kind and funny comments on my last post. I had such a good time writing that and laughing at myself. I am happy that most of you realized that and took the post for what it is.


Rachel said...

Congrats on your team making it! I was so bummed about Duke's terrible loss.

Now, since we live in Detroit I'm cheering for MSU!

Have a great trip.

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! Have a great time on your trip!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I bet you all are so excited for your team:) These pics are a riot!!

Have a safe trip....doesn't it give you such peace of mind to know the kids will be with their grandparents?


Tara said...

Ramses looks good wherever he is. We used to meet the team back at the Dean Dome after their regional wins for the pep rallys and I miss doing things like that. Do y'all go to the celebrations after National Championship wins? I went in 1993 and 2005. I'm keeping my schedule open this year just in case;) Andrew will make the trip with his mommy and PawPaw IF we don't choke like last year.

Have fun in New Orleans. N.O has always been great to Carolina so maybe you can be good luck charms there for the team.

teg said...

Travel safe! GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the coolest goat...I mean, ram, that I have ever seen! Can't wait to see y'all. - JEN

Heather said...

Have a great trip to New Orleans!

3 Peanuts said...

Have a GREAT trip:)

Jo said...

Love it! Where did you find him? I would love to send my son one.

Enjoy your trip!


Felicia said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

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