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We started off the day praying for the Lord to give us the strength that we knew it was going to take to be positive and upbeat and welcome Emma into our hearts and our lives with open arms.

At 12:45 we started the journey to Emma’s Baby Home. It took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there by car. We had packed all of her clothes, the gifts for her caregivers as well as the Baby Home gift. When we arrived, we were taken to the same room as before and we were asked to give her caregiver the clothes that we had brought. She took them, and then she quickly brought Emma back all dressed up – she even had her bow!

At that moment, when they entered the room, all of the stress from the past few days just seemed to dissipate. We knew that everything is going to be ok. Emma came straight to me, and she let me hold her and love on her throughout our entire meeting. What a doll!

During the meeting with our translator and Emma’s Baby Home director, we were given information on her current schedule, and the foods that she eats. We were also presented with her Baptismal Certificate from the Russian Orthodox Church as well as her cross and her Baptism clothes. They also gave us all of the clothes that we brought when we visited Emma in June. I found the “uniform”, and that was all that I kept. I told the director that I wanted to leave the clothes for other children at the home to wear. We were overwhelmed. We had been told that Emma would get to take nothing from her Baby Home when she left.

We made it back to the hotel after Emma rode in my lap the whole way (no car seat). We came up to our room, and she was immediately at ease with us. Not once has she cried. We were fearful that she would be upset when we left the Baby Home especially since they woke her half way through her nap. She was incredible this afternoon though. We played and we walked and then we met the other couple and their little boy for dinner. Emma eats like a champ!!! She even ate a bite of tomato and cucumber!

We all came back to the room, and we gave Emma her first bath here. She loves the water, and she was having a great time splashing. She was so good when we bathed her and washed her hair – complete cooperation! We out her pjs on and brushed her teeth, and then we put her in the crib. She wanted to climb out only once, and then JC was able to get her to lay still until she fell asleep a few minutes later!

Emma is a thumb sucker!!!! She loves her thumb, and I guess that is what has comforted her for the past twenty months. I know it will be hard to try to get her to stop when she is a little older. It is awfully cute though!

Travel Update: Tomorrow we travel by train to Moscow with the other family so I may not get to update the blog. We received an email earlier from our agency stating that the translators in Moscow will work to get us home on Wednesday, but not Tuesday. Our flights cannot be just “changed” because there are no exact flight itineraries on Wednesday. We will have to book through a different airline, and I don’t even want to think about how much money that is going to be. We are waiting until we get to Moscow and speak with the lady in charge before cancelling our Tuesday flights, but we are also trying not to get our hopes up about possibly making that flight home either. We know it is all going to work out, and we know that we will make it home. We just hope that someone will eventually tell when it is ok to try to leave!

We feel blessed and honored beyond what we deserve to be Emma’s new parents. Brendan and Jackson, we cannot wait for you meet Emma. We know that she will steal your hearts just as she has ours, and we also know that you two boys are going to make the best big brothers ever!

baby home #4

Emma's Baby Home


All of us with Emma's favorite caregiver


Us with the Director of the Baby Home

emma and mom

Emma and Mom just before leaving the Baby Home

in car

In the car and ready to go


Back at the hotel having fun

Enjoying an afternoon snack with Dad


Love Being a Nonny said...

OH, I had chills the whole time I was reading this! Precious baby girl. Happy parents!! I know you can't wait to get back here to NC!! And the boys must be SO excited!!

P.S. Love the trash can used as a stool!! :)

Tara said...

I have tears in my eyes. I am soooo happy for your family and hope you can rejoin your boys very soon. She is such a lucky little girl and I'm glad this day has come for y'all. I bet the boys will be wonderful big brothers too!

Anonymous said...

This has made my day! We are so happy for y'all!
Looking forward to having the boys over tonight for football. Shelby can't wait to see Jacks&B!
Sending lots of love your way!!!!!

Sandy Toes said...

OH..those pictures are just amazing..wishing you the best!
sandy toe

Brooke said...

She's an absolute doll!!! I am so happy for yall and yall are so incredibly blessed. I will continue to pray for your whole family as you are heading home! I can not wait to hear more from Emma!!!

Sarah said...

Wow. I'm so happy for you.... tears in my eyes!!

P & C Staff said...

Emma is a blessed little angel. She has been given the greatest gift. The gift of Home and Love and Family that will provide for her, protect her and give her permission to be all that God has Gifted her to be. B and Jack are going to be the best brothers this little princess could ever have. Congratulations! And thank you for teaching us all to be the kind of love and compassion that brings Heaven to Earth!!

Love Your Staff
We Miss You

Jodee Leader said...

Crying happy tears here too! Congratulations! She was soooo worth the long wait! She looks adorable in her new comfy chocolate outfit! I love her matching bow too!

Jo said...

I am so thrilled for you! You have given Emma the greatest gift of all ~ a loving family!

Safe travels home ~

Caroline Armijo said...

Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing this story. It has been so amazing. Good luck for a speedy return and safe travels home. said...

congrats. She looks so pretty in her new outfit. She is a beautiful child.

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful and I will pra for your speedy and safe return to the rest of your family!

Joanne said...

A BIG congratulations :)

Kristine said...

Yeah!!! Finally!! Love her little brown suit and matching bow. She looks so happy....and I know you guys are as well.


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Oh my goodness, she looks so perfect in your arms Corey... I'm SOOOO happy for you! I can breathe a sigh of relief on your behalf! :) Now mountains, start crumbling and get this family home!

Delana said...

Tears for me, too! Congratulations! What a great start to your adventures together!

Barb said...

Congratulations! Hope everything works out so you'll be able to get on your way home as scheduled!!

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