Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Break

The boys' fall break started Thursday so I decided to load up all three minis and head to the beach for a long weekend. JC had to work Thursday and Friday since we had been in Russia for so long recently, but he'll be joining us tonight.
Yesterday afternoon the weather was perfect, sunny and about 75 degrees, so we decided to introduce Emma to the sand and the Atlantic Ocean. I did not plan very well because she has the exact same Halloween outfit on that she had in the pumpkin photos earlier.
Emma LOVES the sand. She just sat there for almost an hour playing. Not once did she try to eat it. The boys were busy playing with some huge rocks that they found on the beach, and I was just basking in the sunlight and enjoying hearing the waves crashing again! I have missed the beach and the ocean so much these past two months.

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Last night I had promised Jackson that we would finally carve his pumpkin...yes, we brought it all the way to the beach, and he was very excited! I did not use any fancy tools or stencils...I just started cutting with a knife that I can assure you was not meant for carving pumpkins. Oh is a beach pumpkin! :)

20091029-(82 of 515)

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The boys favorite part:

20091029-(81 of 515)

And the final product:

20091029-(84 of 515)

Jackson really wanted the nose to be a "J"!!!

Tomorrow night we are driving up the coast to stay with some friends and letting the kids all trick-or-treat together. They cannot wait to dress up!

We hope you all have a very safe and fun Halloween!!!!


Kristine said...

That looks like a wonderful time! Oh the it.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Jodee Leader said...

I am drooling! We are also on fall break but it is 38 degrees and snowing here :( I would almost kill to be at the beach right now! Enjoy your time away!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Halloween at the beach sounds wonderful! Hope the weather is nice for you. Love the J nose...too cute!

Felicia said...

Happy Halloween...adorable pics!

Jo said...

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween. I'm sure Emma will enjoy having her big brothers showing her the ropes of Trick or Treating.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Have a Happy Halloween!! Looks like you are having fun at the beach.....and I am so impressed with your carving skills...especially without the proper tools!!


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

I'm thinking next year I might opt for the beach at Halloween! :)

God's Girl said...

Such precious pictures of the kids! Emma just melts my heart!
I pray that all is going well for you guys! : )

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