Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Orphan's Wish Fundraiser

Starting tomorrow at 12 Noon, My Adoption Website will be hosting a clothing sale with 100% PERCENT of the money collected going to An Orphan's Wish. Please stop by tomorrow and shop! From the website:
We're just a day away from the myadoptionwebsite fundraiser, benefiting An Orphan's Wish!
If I may, a few words of thanks to our Shoppers, and a few thoughts about shopping a fundraiser . . .
We've had an overwhelming response to our plea for donations . . . you are going to be amazed at the variety of beautiful, lovely and fun items available for you to purchase and bid on! But all the donations in the world don't help needy children without YOU, the generous person willing to buy them! In the days ahead we have the potential here to raise a significant amount of money - - every bit of which will turn around and provide children supported by An Orphan's Wish with the warm clothes and clean, cloth diapers they need. So I feel confident in saying Thank You! to you, knowing that many of you plan to step up and make a difference through the purchase of an outfit (outfits!) or other item.
A few thoughts about shopping . . .
- First, if you have a little girl, you are going to find a wealth of outfits - - a lot of dresses! - - in a variety of sizes. If you are in the market for a beautiful holiday dress, you'll have come to the right place!! There are many, many dresses and outfits ideal for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, a wedding, or just a special photo. There are also plenty of more casual items too!
- There are many coats, a few hats, lots of bows, darling backpacks, some shoes, cozy blankets, and more . . . . in other words, it's not just outfits!
- There are some selections for boys!
- As I mentioned earlier, we've had some very generous donations of items such custom bedding, gorgeous jewelry, and a set of amazing, custom photos cards . . . either 50 Christmas cards or 50 adoption announcements. You're going to love them!
- Please think "outside the box" . . . I encourage you to come to the fundraiser with the spirit of giving. Besides shopping for your children at home, or the child you may be waiting for, consider doing a bit of Christmas shopping! Several items would be appropriate to give as gifts. And more importantly, I think all of us personally know families who are struggling financially right now. How lovely it would be to surprise a friend, c0-worker, or even someone you don't know personally, with a beautiful outfit or other item for their child. Are you participating in an Angel Tree or other similar holiday benefit for children? There are many items that still have tags . . . make a purchase from this fundraiser for a needy child in your community . . . now you've helped twice!! Consider your budget ahead of time and what you might be able to give - - then shop away, knowing the lives that will be blessed by your giving heart.
And last, as a waiting parent (we are LID June 2006 for our second daughter) I'll be the first to admit that it is hard to enjoy shopping for your future child . . . the wait is endless and discouraging, and sometimes it is difficult to feel joyful about making even the simplest of preparations. I want you to know that I really, really understand that. I thank you just for visiting, for shopping for others, or for spreading the word about this event. And if some lovely little item tugs at your heart and finds a place in your future child's closet, may it bring you a measure of comfort and hope to see it there.
So the countdown is on! Thank you to our GENEROUS donors, and thank you to all the shoppers!! See you here on Wednesday at noon!!!


Denise said...

I just copied and pasted this to a post of my own...hope that is ok!

Caroline Armijo said...

Wow! Thanks. I do need a Christmas dress for Lucy.

The first time I read through this I thought that you said you were wanting to adopt a second daughter. Whoa, that was fast. But I read through again and realized this was from the web site.

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