Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Today, I'd like to put into words 35 of the most important things that I am thankful for this year.
1. My devoted and wonderfully adoring husband.
2. My beautiful ,oldest son, Brendan, who warms my heart daily with his kindness.
3. My energetic and devishly handsome Jackson who keeps me laughing.
4. My little Russian princess who has finally come home to us.
5. Being able to go home at night and having a comfortable and beautiful place to live.
6. Having an endless supply of clean, drinking water.
7. Electricity
8. An abundant supply of food...Emma has shown us just how lucky we are. When she first came home, she ate EVERYTHING that she could get her hands on. We now know that she did this out of fear there would be no more. She is now very picky with what she eats; she has her favorite foods, and she now leaves food on her plate.
9. My mother who gives to us so selflessly - ALWAYS!
10. My mother and father-in-law who have helped us watch the children so much since September. We couldn't have gotten by without them since traveling and coming home from Russia.
11. My sister. I don't always let her know how much she means to me...isn't that always the way with family?
12. The good health of all of our family. I do not take that for granted...not one day of the year.
13. My girlfriends. They keep me sane.
14. Having cars that are dependable and paid for.
15. Living close enough to the beach that we can go almost any time we want to...this is my sanctuary.
16. Color. I love to be surrounded by color.
17. My job. Although I don't like to go to work most days, it is so nice to be able to work three half days a week.
18. Being able to take the boys to school and pick them up in the afternoons.
19. Awesome neighbors who are always there for whatever we need...even if it is diaper rash cream at 9 o'clock at night.
20. The freedom to go to church even if we don't go every Sunday.
21. Music. We always listen to music. The iPod is one of the first things I turn on when we get home.
22. Chocolate. Enough said.
23. My education.
24. Our military personnel who continue to stand guard over our great nation.
25. Warm weather.
26. Sunny days.
27. The months of April to October.
28. The great state of North Carolina...we have mild climates, the mountains and the beach.
29. Great books.
30. ICE in drinks. We did not realize just how nice this little luxury is until traveling in Russia.
31. The world wide web! Instant knowledge at my fingertips.
32. The YMCA - I cannot wait to get back.
33. Sleep - oh how we are missing a full night's sleep.
34. Being an American!


Tara said...

Great list and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

bevysblog said...

Love your list! I know Emma had a wonderful first Thanksgiving...

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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