Monday, January 11, 2010

Jackson Turns SEVEN

Saturday, January 9th was Jackson's 7th birthday! He woke up as excited as can be!
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Jackson wanted to open his presents from us right away - even before eating breakfast. It was his day so we let him. His big gift from us was a new bike. We had him cover his eyes before Dad wheeled it in...

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Just before lunch, MiMi came over and brought Jackson more presents.
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Then it was PARTY TIME! Jackson chose a rollerskating party again this year. When your birthday is in January, options are limited around here unfortunately!
I bought his birthday invitations on Etsy. They turned out so cute!

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Even Dad decided to rollerskate. Me...not so much!
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Emma had lots of fun at the party too even though she could not skate. Everyone was so nice to help entertain her.
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Emma especially LOVED the birthday cake.
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Later Saturday night, Jackson made my day. He said, "this is the best birthday ever"!!!
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