Friday, July 16, 2010

Camp Don Lee

Last week Jackson went to his first ever overnight camp at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, NC!
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All packed and ready to go!
It was a little scary for me to leave him, but one of his best and oldest friends was there and in the same cabin as Jackson!

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From the Don Lee Center website...
"Experience the presence of God through wind and water, through story and song, through friendships that last a lifetime. Don Lee Center has offered Christian camping experiences to all ages for more than six decades! Nestled on the north shore of the Neuse River near Oriental, North Carolina, it is an ideal setting to learn to sail, to explore God's creation and to grow in your faith. Don Lee Center offers ideal programs for children, youth and families."


Jackson spent three nights at CDL this year, and Brendan will be leaving for his first full week there soon. I am so excited for these boys to start this summer tradition! Some of my fondest memories of childhood are from my summer camp experiences!

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Jackson in front of his cabin!!!

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Jackson and his counselor, Mason

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*3rd & 4th Photos from CDL


3 Peanuts said...

My boys go to sleep away camp soon too. Will for 2 weeks and Harry for one. As much as they love it and I look forward to the s SO hard for m when they are gone.


Tara said...

Going to camp was something I never did because I was too afraid to leave home. I went to Camp Caswell but that was with our youth group so maybe that counts. This place looks very neat.

Where did you find his locker? D has two to keep all of his autographed sports memorabilia but they aren't in very good shape. I have looked and looked but no luck.

Love Being a Nonny said...

My fondest memories of childhood were at Camp Lurecrest on Lake Lure. I have heard good things about Camp Don Lee too. You got some great pictures!!! I am so happy when kids get to experience camp...there'e nothing like it!

Stephanie said...

I sure wish I had gone to sleepaway camp as a kid. I was afraid I'd be too homesick. My brother went to one and loved it, and I have a cousin who has gone to one every year and is there for the last time (at age 15) right now. I bet Jackson had a great time!!

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! What a fabulous camp! Carson leaves on August 4 for his first overnight camp (just a half week)! This post makes me soooo excited for him!

teg said...

I went to Camp Cheerio for two or three summers when I was a kid (9-11 yrs) and I LOVED it. Of course part of the draw to it was probably missing a week of swim practice, but I really do have fond memories of that place. That's so great that he was in the same cabin as the Ferrell's son (that's who that is, right?). I went alone but still had some of best experiences of my childhood.

bevy said...

I was a camp counselor at Seafarer for a few years. That's really just down the road!

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