Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finds and WINNER

Here are some of my favorite online FINDS for the week...all $10 and under!


Wouldn't this be so cute as a pin, hair clip or attached to a ribbon belt? It is only $8 and listed by Belle Blossoms.

I am so LOVING these tumblers on clearance at


They are only $5.24 for a set of 4.

How pretty is this flower headband by Dara?


It could be yours for $9.99!

Anthropologie is always a favorite of mine. Love love love their clearance sale!


I think a pair of these would be spectacular on my old secretary (in my room growing up) that I am contemplating painting. They are $7.95 each!

I am a big fan of enclosure cards. There are so many unique ones out there on the internet. These caught my eye for just $9 for a set of 12.


They are by Munkee Kid on Etsy.

How cute and preppy are these espadrilles for girls at Old Navy?



And these adorable embroidered headbands take me back to my days of being a little girl. Emma has just started wearing headbands, and I think I may just have to buy her a couple of these.


They are only $9 each and made by The Southern Baby on Etsy.

I am going to need a pair of these for summer. At just $5 for the pair, I think I might pick a different pattern as well.



And last but not least, I am wanting this little orange purse by Noonew.


It is only $9 and perfect for your ID, Blackberry/cell phone, credit cards, cash or whatever your little heart desires. So cute!

And now for the winner of the Starbucks gift card:

I had Emma draw a number this morning before school.

20110311-(9 of 332)

20110311-(13 of 332)

The winner is Kristine from Lakeshore Cottage Living.

Kristine~Lakeshore Cottage Living said...
Sounds great to me! I'll have a shaken black iced tea! mmmmm. I wished you lived closer too...I could REALLY use your help!

March 7, 2011 10:27 pm

Kristine is also an adoptive mom, and her family has just bought and renovated a lakefront property. Hop over to her blog to see some of the crazy "before" photos and the amazing "after" photos!


And now one more most of you know, NCAA conference tournaments are this weekend. Our Tar Heels play at noon today so Emma is sporting her cute little Carolina uniform! Go Heels!

20110311-(7 of 332)

Edited to Add:

Prayer request for Ondrea at Aloha Y'all! Ondrea is a fellow adoptive mom who helped me tremendously when we brought Emma home. She and her beautiful family recently moved to Hawaii. I am praying for their safety right now along with the millions or billions of people affected by the earthquake in Japan and subsequent threats of Tsunamis throughout the Pacific Islands and our own west coast.


Kristine~Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Oh my goodness...i have got to get with it and watch the news occasionally!

Thank you so much miss Emma for picking MY number! Girl, I knew I loved your sweet little smile! lol And I may even root for the Tar Heels just cause you look so cute in that outfit!

Thank you so much Corey! I'll email you my address. Looking forward to heading to Starbucks!

OH and thank you for all the ideas on your Feature Friday too...those felt flowers are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am loving that orange clutch! Also, I used to work for Old Navy, and pretty soon they will go down to 2 for 5 dollars and then at some point in April they will have $1 flip flop day! (just in case you wanted to wait) Loving all your Friday finds! I would totally wear those preppy nautical headbands for little girls if they were made in big girl size... haha

3 Peanuts said...

Love all your Friday finds:) So cute! I think you asked about Lent. I do not cheat on Sundays. The priests say that Sundays are not part of the 40 days of Lent and that one can take a "rest" from their Lenten Sacrifice. The only time I did that was when I gave up blogging for Lent. Since it was our family scrapbook. I did one post each Sunday during Lent. But other than that, we observe our Lenten pledge on Sundays too. I am with does not seem right to take a break on SUndays.

Have a great weekend:)

teg said...

My friend Kathy used to make headbands covered with braided ribbons - so pretty. I'm sure I could convince her to make you one or two if you're interested. She'd probably do it for nothing if I just bought the materials.

Heather said...

Emma has gotten so big. She is so pretty - even in her UNC outfit. :)

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