Friday, May 6, 2011

Double Digits

happy birthday brendan...

Today my baby turns 10 years old! I cannot believe how fast these ten years have gone by! Brendan has become such a tender-hearted, kind young man.

To celebrate, Brendan, his best friend (whose 10th birthday is Sunday) and the dads are leaving for Boston this morning. They are going to TWO Boston Red Sox games, and the boys are beyond excited!

We were able to keep this trip a surprise until Wednesday night. Both families met for dinner, and we had the boys open up decorated Boston Red Sox toy planes


"Fenway Bound" t-shirts


and game tickets to reveal the big surprise!


They were absolutely SPEECHLESS!

Happy 10th Birthday Brendan! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Boston!



teg said...

Tell him I said Happy Birthday!!!

bevy said...

Happy Birthday! Love that picture of him with the tickets... He will have a ball!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that he was sooooo excited!!! I went to each lunch with my mom today and was like I want to meet Brendan! But he was in a much more fun place than school! haha I hope he has a wonderful time!

3 Peanuts said...

What a GREAT surprise!!!!!

CarolinaGirl said...

Wow what a great Birthday!! I hope they have a wonderful time !!

Jo said...

Clearly you are the best parents EVER! :)


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