Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animal Safari

The entire fourth grade at Brendan's school invited parents and guests on an "Animal Safari" last week!

Sometime after Christmas, Brendan was assigned the task of choosing an "exotic" animal and researching that animal in order to write a paper.

Brendan chose to write about the DINGO!


This paper project evolved into something spectacular. Each student painted a picture of their chosen animal and then made their animal's "habitat" to display for the safari.


I would like for you to believe that Brendan spent hours and hours on his "habitat".


In actuality, he reminded me that his habitat was due Tuesday morning - at about 7:45pm Monday night...AT THE BALL FIELD!

So...after celebrating a victory, we rushed home and gathered supplies. I have to admit that Brendan's dingo habitat was a family effort...even Jackson pitched in to help!

(Blackberry photo)

The Animal Safari was last Wednesday! MiMi and I grabbed Jackson out of class so that he could experience the safari as well...

They look so happy to be together, don't they???

Considering that "we"...I mean Brendan...spent no real time brain-storming or money on this project, I think the Dingo Habitat turned out beautifully!


It had everything a shrewd dingo could ever want...access to drinking water (usually near a forest), grasslands, and semi-arid areas.

Good Job Brendan! I thoroughly enjoyed your Animal Safari!


Jodee said...

Wow! What a fun project! That turned out sooo cute!

Chapel Heel said...

Tara said...

I guess those last minute reminders are a boy thing because my nephews do it to my sister all the time! It looks great no matter how little time was spent on it. And...I've never heard of a dingo before!

Dawn Garlow said...

Fabulous Dingo Habitat!!! ;o) Your pictures are great! I LOVE the picture of Jack standing behind B!!! So cute!

This is one of the "funner" things we do all year long. :) So glad you and your Mama could stop by for a visit through the African Safari!


Patsy said...

Great job, B ! Let me know if you ever need a teepee !

CarolinaGirl said...

That picture of the boys together cracks me up!!! Showing the love between brothers! hahaha

bevy said...

Those paintings are great! You should mat and frame his...

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha...this gave me a major flashback to the morning at breakfast that Spenser informed me he needed a panda costume for school THAT DAY! I found two turtlenecks in black and white, cut off the sleeves and sewed the black ones on the white shirt. Then I found an old dog costume/hood I had made in black and white, and cut the hound dog ears down to panda size. VOILA...the world's fastest panda costume!! You have to be very handy as the mother of sons. Nice job? BTW, I LOVE the dingo illustration!

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