Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spirit Stick

To kick off the 50th season of baseball and softball, our Little League hosted a celebration which included announcing every single team. A Spirit Stick was awarded to the team who demonstrated the guessed it...spirit. Out of all the teams, our AAAA Phillies won the Spirit Stick, and each player has been able to take it home with them after a game.


Today is the last game of the regular season, and the tournament starts tomorrow. It has been a tough season for the boys, but they have won their last two games. Despite their losses, they have managed to keep their chins up and come out ready to play each and every game.




bevy said...

My J was a Phillie too!!! Go Phillies!!!

Tara said...

I hope your Phillies are still playing! I haven't watched a lot of MLB since my Grandpa Troy passed away. I am enjoying pulling for our Tar Heels in the NCAA Tournament though. My HS team from back home won the NC State 2A Championship so baseball is def. in full swing.

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