Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Find

In my search for decorating ideas, I came across this little gem from One K*ng's Lane...

french laquered sideboard $4679

It can be yours for the discounted price of $4,679!!! Yes, you read that right!

It got me looks an awful lot like the piece in our Master Bedroom that I bought on Cr*ig's List for 1/40th of that price.

Please excuse the obnoxious is too dark in our room for me to take a decent photo in manual mode.

Even the hardware and "feet" appear to be the exact same...

This is the piece that I intend to paint. I have not decided on a room color much less a paint color for this piece of furniture yet. I am excited about the possibilities! I just don't think I could ever fathom paying almost $5k for a piece of furniture like this one though!


Tara said...

I personally like your Craigslist piece better than the $5K piece. Can't wait to see it finished!!

Jo said...

What a great find! You always manage to come up with such great hidden treasures. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Have a great weekend ~

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