Monday, October 10, 2011


Most everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

One of my favorite things to see is athletes sporting their pink to honor those fighting breast cancer, to remember those who have lost their battle, and VERY IMPORTANTLY to raise awareness about early detection!

Saturday, we went to the UNC - Louisville game, and our Tar Heels were sporting their pink! :)

This entire weekend, Brendan's baseball team played in a tournament, and his coach bought all the players and coaches PINK shoelaces for their cleats.
pink baseball 2

pink baseball coach

pink baseball score
Brendan scoring!

It was a great weekend! Our boys went undefeated for all four games and won the tournament!
pink baseball b

pink baseball champs

pink baseball silly

I think they should keep those pink laces!
pink baseball


Lisa said...

I love the pink shoe laces!! My mom died of breast cancer and it really does mean a lot to see so many people and organizations participating in Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think I might get shoe laces for my daughter's soccer team.

Congrats on the tournament! #3's team had a tournament too, but lost in the final game to penalty kicks. Oh well!!

OIB was BEAUTIFUL over the weekend!!! (I skipped the tournament!)

Tara said...

Pink seems to be the lucky color!

My dad and nephew were at the game Saturday but we had a family event so I missed the game completely :-(

Barb said...

Love the idea of the pink shoelaces . . . that was great:)

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