Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whoa...What A Month!!!

Since my last post, we ACTUALLY DID SELL OUR HOUSE and get moved into the rental that we will live in until the new house is complete. HUGE undertaking! Major Headache! Complete Mental & Physical Exhaustion! These are just a few phrases that describe the past three weeks of our lives. We closed on our house one week ago today, and it was very emotional for me. Of course selling our house and moving was the goal, but I found it much harder to drive away from our house for the last time than I had expected. We had made so many wonderful memories in that house, and even though it was time to move on, it was still very sad.

I cannot wait to get started on the new build! We are waiting to hear back from our estimation set of plans before we move forward with our house plans. I promise to OVER blog about the entire process. I am beyond excited about starting from scratch!

In the mean time, I will leave you with this...the boys had a Super Bowl party on Sunday (yes, just one week after we moved in), and it was a huge success. We had 11 boys here for about three hours of "Pre Party"!

Some of you may remember this photo...
cowboys frown

Brendan is a big Patriots fan (this started about three years ago) so he was so happy that New England made it to the Super Bowl.

Although I did not go over the top, I did have fun planning the party with the boys. I even enlisted their help in decorating and putting together football popcorn boxes.

SB brownies
Brownie Bites from C*stco decorated as footballs!

SB cupcakes 2

SB Strawberries
My attempt at chocolate covered strawberries decorated with a store-bought icing cookie decorator.

SB cups

Of course the boys played outside the entire time. The older boys played football, and the younger ones played soccer (in the soaked back yard).
SB football 3

SB football 2

SB football 4

In the end, I think they all had a great time! I know my two were completely exhausted by game time!
SB group

Too bad for Brendan that the Patriots lost! He was one upset little boy! Congratulations to all you Giants fans out there. Maybe one day my Cowboys will head back to the big game!!! :)


Love Being A Nonny said...

I cannot WAIT to follow as you build! Your kids are really growing up. I remember moving when my three were at those ages...WHEW!!!

shirley slee said...

What a great mommy even though you were exhausted you managed to create some special memories for your kids! Can't wait to follow the progress of your new build! Lastly the "rental" neighborhood, looks dreamy!!

Lisa said...

It is going to be fun watching your house in progress. We did the same years ago, but we stayed in an apartment for a few months. Looks like you are smarter than we are and are in a house!! Apartments with kids and dogs = one big headache.

I am so sentimental, moving was a very hard thing for me to do too.

What a great idea to have a pre game Super Bowl Party!
Everything looked great!

Dawn Garlow said...

I love your football party decor! :)

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