Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brendan's 11th Birthday

Brendan celebrated his 11th birthday on May 6th.  Since UNC was hosting Boston College at home, we took B and several of his friends down to watch the Tar Heels play baseball.

group out front

score board

Through the Carolina Kids' Club, we were able to reserve a section with seats and a table along the 1st base side.  Brendan was also allowed to meet some of the players in the dugout and throw out a pitch before the game started.

b to dug out


Here is B waiting to walk out on the field...

b wait

B throw

b throw 3

While we were waiting on Brendan to get back to our seats, Emma, Jackson and Brendan's friends went down and tried to get the Boston College players to throw them baseballs.


jack and adam

Brendan was all smiles when he got back.

b facew

We had a pizza lunch, and then came the UNC Tar Heels birthday cake.

b cake


We are so proud of Brendan and how he is gracefully maturing into a smart and polite young man!  

Here's to many more birthdays B!

pretty face


Dawn Garlow said...

What an incredible 11th birthday!!! I love this!! You guys just ROCK! I love this last picture of B! Tell him happy belated (way) birthday from Mrs. G! I miss him so... and you guys too.
Happy Summer!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Even a DUKE fan thinks this is a fabulous party!!!! He is so handsome too!

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