Saturday, July 14, 2012

New House

Remember back to this post when I showed you all photos of the land we were going to build our dream house on?


That whole building process never materialized.  After six months of working with the builder to draft house plans and get a final contract, we found out that the builder needs to get a different license to build the type of house we had planned.  Until that happens, no bank will even consider a construction loan for him.

So...JC and I decided we were just done with the whole process.  We went to look at one existing house (very close to the land we were going to build on), and we decided to buy it!  We closed on June 22nd.  I honestly did not want to blog about buying this house until we had the keys in hand!

The new house is 20 years old which kind of scared me at first, but it has really good bones and a timeless feel when you walk in.  The added bonus is that it is about 500 square feet larger than what we were going to build and the contract price was much LESS!  One downside is that the exterior is not exactly what I wanted, but it's growing on me.

We are doing a lot of renovations to the interior and exterior before we actually move in.  The first thing  is that we are having the entire outside of the house painted white.

Here is a before photo...


The house plan is Port Gibson by Stephen Fuller.  It is part of his Southern Living Hometown Collection.

We are very excited about the potential this house has, and I know we will make many happy memories here!


Jodee said...

Oh my word! Your new house is FABULOUS! How exciting to have all of that fantastic landscaping too!

We hope to break ground next week and I can't wait! I am showing our house now and shopping for light fixtures and hardware this afternoon!

Jo said...

Your new home is beautiful! I'm sorry your dream of building your own home didn't come true. However you new home is lovely. I can't wait to see what you do to the interior to make it yours.

Keep us posted ~

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

It's Beautiful!

melissa78 said...


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