Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Master Bath Selections

When we bought this new (to us) house, my number one priority was renovating the master bathroom.  Here is a flashback to the before...

master bath

As you can see, it is original to the house (built in 1992).  Since we had already started planning for new construction this past winter, I knew the design that I wanted for the bathroom...all white with marble accents.  I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Houzz just looking at pictures.  Here are a few that I pinned to use as inspiration.

In this first photo, I love the white subway tile on the walls.  This is what we decided to use for the shower walls as well as the surrounding walls in the bathroom.

Here is another that I pinned with beautiful marble floors and a great freestanding bathtub.
idea 2

And in this last one, I just love everything from the silver-edged mirrors to the marble counters to the overall elegant feel.
idea 3

Here is a board of the products that I selected all together.  I am not very good at making these inspiration boards, but you get the idea.

Master Bath Selections

As you know, we did end up changing our floor tiles out for the 18"x18" white marble.  I really love the floor now that it is down and grouted.  I am so happy that we decided to go for it and have the first tile ripped up.

Again, the shower wall tile is just a basic (and cheap) white 3"x6" subway tile.
shower wall tile

I also seleccted an inexpensive, white 2" hex tile for the shower floor...
shower floor tile

Since we kept the same layout inside the bathroom, we needed individual vanities.  Our builder actually made these in his workshop.  Here is a photo of the primed vanity before the countertop was installed.
vanity primed before marble

I am very happy with how these turned out.

We chose to have carrara marble countertops for the vanities despite their notorious reputation.  As neurotic as I am about some things, I love old marble and how it looks with age.   Here is a photo that I found on Google Images:

I ordered these silvered mirror knobs from Anthropologie for each vanity:
vanity knobs Anthro

And the sink faucets are Bancroft by Kohler:
kohler sink

The Kensington mirrors I purchased from Pottery Barn:
kensington mirror PB

I wanted wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirrors instead of a vanity light over the mirrors.  After much thought (and $), I ordered the Bryant Sconces in Polished Chrome from Circa.
bryant sconce circa

The mirrors and sconces were hung on Friday, and I LOVE THEM!  More photos to follow...

Now to be honest, we really did not want a bathtub in our master bath, but we felt that it would be best to install one for future resell.  When I went to make my plumbing selections, I was shocked at how expensive these freestanding bathtubs are.  It hurt a little to spend so much of our plumbing budget on something we didn't really want to begin with!  Here is the tub waiting to be installed.

I also looked at a lot of overhead lighting options for the bathroom.  In the end, I ordered a crystal chandelier (which is really not like me at all).  This photo is horrible.  It is from the website.  It's hard to photograph crystal though.  This fixture was also hung on Friday, and it is really spectacular.  I am very happy with this selection.
master bath chand O

The exposed walls will be painted white like the vanities.

I cannot wait to see how this is all going to come together, and of course, I'll be posting photos of the finished room.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word...I love your choices!!! WHITE is the BEST!!!! Keep the pics coming!

plumbing supplies said...

Riches truly can buy anything just like these luxurious bathroom vanities and fixtures. It would make you feel living like a king.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Wondering how the white marble floors are holding up in terms of getting dirt/scratches and ease of cleaning? Our friends just put in white marble tops for her master bath and said it has been a pain keeping clean, etc. and that it stains very easily. Shirley

Jodee said...

Great finds! Can't wait to see it all together!

Dawn Garlow said...

It all looks so pretty!!! I LOVE that freestanding Tub! :o)

Anonymous said...

What color is your vanity?

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