Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From Soccer to Baseball

Jackson decided to play baseball this fall instead of soccer.

The group of boys that he has played soccer with the past few years are a year older than Jackson, and when it came time to try out for a more advanced soccer league (per age group), Jackson didn't make a team.  He was very disappointed, but again, these leagues are based on age.  He should have been trying out for the 10U at age 9, but he tried out for 11U at age 9.  We honestly were not surprised that he did not make a team, but I think this made a huge impact on Jackson.  So....he decided to play baseball instead.

His first game was last Thursday.  I was a little worried since they combine the AAA and AAAA league groups for fall ball, but Jackson did fantastic.  

He was very confident playing 1st base...

1st base

as well as pitching...

jack pitch 2

jack pitch

When Jackson decided to switch to baseball this summer, we signed him up for private hitting lessons with Brendan's coach.  I think this made a huge difference in Jackson's confidence level as well.
practice swing

He had two solid hits Thursday night (only came up to bat twice).
jack hit

Jackson is a lot like his father...he is very fast!
jack on 1st

He had made it to first base before the other team had even fielded the ball.

jack to 3rd

Despite his speed, he was only able to advance to third base both times before the end of the inning.

I am so proud of Jackson in not only the way he played in his first game, but also with the way he conducted himself.  He looked and acted like a veteran baseball player.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Good for him! I love to see children excel at things....boosts their confidence like crazy!!! I know you are proud!

Ainsley* said...

Very exciting for Jackson and I wish him all the best in his up and coming season! But I must say... That is the cleaniest diamond ever!!! Thank god for turf! If only my husband could play on it haha I would do less laundry for sure!

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