Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year, we were only going to have two littles trick or treating, and this was completely blowing my mind - the fact that I have a child old enough to NOT want to go!

Brendan (11) changed his mind at the last minute ( was 4:30 that afternoon) and started rummaging through our old stash of costumes.  He came up with a cute Teen Wolf look, and when JC got home from work, he actually called Brendan "Teen Wolf".  Of course B had no idea what he was talking about since he's never seen that movie, but it was funny!  Haha

all 3 stillweb

Emma's grandmother made her a Sleeping Beauty princess gown for her costume this year.
Emma sneak peek dress web

dress web

queen web
She was quite stately!!!

beautiful web

Jackson dressed up as Cap'n Jack Sparrow:
all 3 againewb

The kids did let me take some photos, but it was already getting pretty dark by the time everyone was in costume.  They got bored quickly, though, and started playing around!
B bite edited web

Finally it was time to meet up with our friends and go TRICK OR TREATING!!!!
emma and sarah2 web

treat web

This is not our yard, but it looked pretty SPOOKTACULAR!
yard web

I hope you all had a safe Halloween this year!  The day after, we packed up and headed south to Disney World...more on that to follow!  It helped us escape the last of the election drama.  JC and I cast an absentee ballot before leaving.  Although the presidential election did not go our way, I am hopeful for the future!  I certainly would never want to be the president!  Let's just pray our country can make some forward progress!


katelyngarlow said...

I was totally named after Teen Wolf. True story.

Love Being A Nonny said... have a talented MIL! The costume is awesome! Wish I had known you were at Disney....we could have said hello somewhere!!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun Halloween! Your MIL rocks!

Mike said...

I love the costumes. When I was little I was a dinosaur. rawr

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