Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Card Photo Outtakes

Every year I really stress about getting a great shot of the kids to use in our annual Christmas card.

I know it is senseless, and there are many more important things to worry about, but there you have it.  The photo shoot causes me MUCH STRESS!

Here are a few photos that did not make the cut this year.

This first one was taken before a UNC football game by one of our good friends.  I actually really like it, and it is the only current photo of all five of us.  However, I did not use it for the card.

best fam at UNC game

Back in October we went to Oak Island for a last minute getaway.  I threw some outfits together for the kids, and put a lot of time into thinking about where we could go to take the pictures.  I decided on the waterfront in Southport.  It is one of my happy places.  BUT...the kids were not at all cooperative that morning, and by the time we got dressed and to Southport, the sun was way too high in the sky.  Plus everyone was in tears.  It was just awful!

1st attempt at all 3 edited web

maybe? edited
The photos are cute of all three (and you would never know there had been tears shed), but their outfits did not really work.  And...that sun is so harsh on their faces.

We came home and regrouped.  I changed outfit selections, and we planned another shoot for a warm Sunday in November.

This time the kids were so good.  Not too many of the photos turned out that great, but really that was my fault. 

all 3 emma eyes

I love love love this one, but the boys made me PROMISE to not use it in the card.
emma get kissed fun face texture

3 House emma face

Last year I designed a 5x5 trifold card which I loved.  I was thinking that is what I would do again this year, but I ran out of time.  In thinking ahead to the trifold design, I took individual shots of the kids, and I am actually quite pleased with these.

best emma

best jack web

B by himself web

I actually bought a template to use as my Facebook timeline cover, and I used each of these photos in it.  I love how it turned out!
Cuthrell Fb header 2012

I hope in the days leading up to Christmas that you find joy and peace!  I know that we are trying to just enjoy all the blessings that we have!  


Love Being A Nonny said...

Love the final card pics!!!!

Lisa said...

This is the first year since having children that I did not send out cards. I couldn't come up with a picture I could use and the older girls were away at school. I think I am starting a new tradition and am sending out New Year cards. That will give me one less thing to at Christmas.

You have a great looking family!!

Merry Christmas!

Ellie said...

I love it! Your children are beautiful - and where do you live? I'm in Greenville, SC - and we are in Lisa's class together!

xo ellie

abby's mom said...

You know the first one is my favorite! Ha Ha! Glad we got your final card and that we made the list!

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