Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

On Sunday the 23rd, we woke up to find that Barbie and Fritz Fritz had been playing with one of Jackson's remote control cars...

fritz on remote control

Then it was off to church and home in time for my grandparents, my mom and my sister and her daughter to come over for a small Christmas celebration.

Carson cake

Since it was in the afternoon, my mom just brought some desserts for everyone.  Then we exchanged a few presents.

grandma and emma



nana and girls

Toward the end of the afternoon, Carson and Emma were really quiet, and this is how I found them...
emma and carson bed
curled up on our bed watching the iPad.

Just before my grandparents left, I did manage to get all of the great grandkids out on the porch for a group photo.
grandma and grandpa texture web

Everyone was very anxious for Christmas to get here, and this was the perfect start to the gift exchanging.

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Sandy said...

Love the beautiful memories captured in these photos! Happy New Year!

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