Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Nutcracker Ballet


For the 2nd year in a row, I took Emma to see the Nutcracker Ballet with two sets of our other Mother/Daughter friends.  We are so fortunate to live so close to the NC School of the Arts, and every year, their production of the Nutcracker is fantastic.

Did you know that the NC School of the Arts was the first public arts conservatory in the United States? Also, Winston Salem is often referred to as the "City of the Arts" because it is also home to the first arts council in the US!!!

cheers 2

We started our afternoon with lunch at a local restaurant, and all of the girls enjoyed a bright pink Shirley Temple!

sarah drink

We met early enough to have a nice relaxing lunch chatting and enjoying each other's company.

hold hands


The girls were sweet enough to allow me to take some photos of them outside the restaurant although it was an overcast day, and the scenery was an ugly parking lot!

k frown

emma sarah hug

They looked so cute all dressed up!

They were just slightly overstimulated from all that sugar!  :)

Next we headed to the Stevens Center to watch the ballet.  Before the show started, we let them each pick out a ballerina ornament for their Christmas trees.

inside emma smile

The girls were very interested in the pictures in the program.  I think they all had a fabulous time!

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When Jackson found out that we were taking the girls back to the Nutcracker this year, he very sweetly asked if I would take him on another day!  How could I refuse one on one time with this precious child.

me and jack before Nutcracker

Soooo....the very next day, I took just Jackson back to see the Nutcracker.  We started our date off at Applebee's (his choice for lunch).  And...he also ordered a Shirley Temple!

jack at lunch

Jackson also did a little shopping before the ballet started.  He and Brendan get a new nutcracker every year so Jackson decided to get his at the ballet.  He chose a very whimsical nutcracker with an ice cream cone as his hat.

Jackson's Nutcracker

Although I was a little worried about having to sit through two performances of the ballet on back to back days, I would not trade my date with Jackson for anything.  He was a perfect gentleman, and I will not forget just how much he enjoyed himself that day as well.


katrina said...

It looks like so much fun. Caroline was a bunny in the Nutcracker this month. It is always great to see.

Katelyn Garlow said...

1. I am loving the new layout for the blog! (I have been following in my RSS and didn't see the new template till just now!)
2. That picture of Emma and Sara is just precious!
3. Sweet Jackson. I just love that boy! I am sure he had a blast with you at the Nutcracker! I can just picture him asking you to go, and he is just the sweetest!

I have always wanted to go to the Nutcracker (not a part of a field trip) but have yet to go and enjoy as an adult! I will have to look into it more now that I am back in NC!

Lisa said...

Such pretty girls. Emma's outfit is to die for. If my girls would let me, I would dress them all in things like that now!

Your other date was handsome!!!

Jodee said...

It looks like you had sooo much fun on your dates! Kamree and I went last weekend and it was a blast!

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