Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 & the Reincarnation of my 365 Project

Some of you have been following along with us since the beginning of this blog so you may remember the other blog that I started a few years ago in January 2009.  


It is called

Through Mom's Lens

It is a Project 365 blog where you are supposed to post a photo every day for a year!  I didn't actually start it on 1/1/09, but instead on 2/1/09.  My first photo posted was of Brendan (age 8 back then) and our two mini-dachshunds, Rosey and Franklin.

b 005

The first year, I posted regularly until July 15th, and then the blogging abruptly ended!  Fast forward to January 2, 2010.  I thought I was ready to start again with the new year.  I must have quickly decided that there was no way I could keep this blog going so I took a Project 365 break indefinitely.

This year I have been taking an online photography class from Lisa at The Long Road to China .  I have taken several of Lisa's classes, and she has taught me so much!  One thing that I realize is that I have my camera out so much more when I am in a class so I am hoping that this year I will be able to  post regularly.  Actually some of my online classmates inspired me to start posting again as well as one of my dear, long-time friends MARIA.  She has also started a Project 365 blog, and she is also starting an online photography course.

It is called SHUTTERBUG!

I am hoping that Maria can help keep me on track this time around!  :)

Another major difference between posting way back then and now is that I am more skilled at using Photoshop.  I am by no means an expert, but I can get around better with post-processing of photos.  I have also learned a little about making and using watermark brushes so I made this little cutie last night for the photos that go up on my PROJECT 365 blog.

Brush 365

AND the BIGGIE is that I now own a Smartphone and I am slightly addicted to Instagram!  For those of you who also use Instagram, please feel free to follow along!  My screen name is


I love snapping random pics of events throughout any given day with my phone when I don't always have my DSLR out.  A couple of my posts for 2013 have already been Instagram pics.

I'd love for you to also follow me at Through Mom's Lens if you would like!

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abby's mom said...

I promise to keep you on track , if you promise the same!! I love your watermark. I have been trying to find a piece of clip art or something to use as my watermark. No luck!
You are way more skilled in editing. I am so lacking in that area! And your photos are great! I am hoping to see improvement over this 365 day journey with you!

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