Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Frame This Weekend ~ Part Two

We were able to photograph six models in downtown Bethlehem starting Saturday morning and just after lunch.  I'd like to share a few of my shots of the other four.

In preparation for this weekend, Lisa purchased the most amazing vintage bike!  We all fell in love with it!
sit in front of bike web

ashton stomp

How cool is that bridge in the background?  Downtown Bethlehem is just beautiful!  It does remind me a lot of Old Salem here.  Ironically, the Moravians from Bethlehem actually settled Salem, NC which we now call Old Salem.

These next two are friends of Lisa's son.  They are such a cute couple!

a and r couple stomp

a and r stomped single

cuties web

The last model that we were able to shoot is a professional.  She is absolutely gorgeous and was so comfortable in front of the camera!

brenda stomp 1

brenda stomp2

Brendan medallion web

Again, we had so much fun!!!  Three more models to process!  These girls are triplets and are absolutely adorable!

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