Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

This year we had quite a busy Christmas Eve.  We first went over to my mom's to visit with my grandparents for about an hour or so.  It was nice to get a photo of all of the great grandkids with my grandparents.  I forgot my Nikon so an iPhone photo will have to do.

After that we came back to our house for a while to finish up some last minute Christmas preparations.  In the afternoon we went to JC's parents' house for an early dinner and to open presents.  Patsy made Beef Wellington, and it was delicious.

Each year we try to get a picture of the grandkids with Patsy and Pop.  Some years it is easier than others...

That photo outtake cracks me up.

Here is a little better version.  I am still really bad at taking photos of large groups of people indoors and having my exposure and focus correct.

When we got home, B, Jack and Emma made their reindeer food, and then we went out to sprinkle it on the grass.

We also hung Santa's magic key on the front door.

Then we settled in the for the night.  One of our traditions before bed is to read The Night Before Christmas and Santa Mouse.

We also watched a little of the movie, A Christmas Story.

Right before the kids went to bed, we let them open one gift!

This year they opened Spartan Race T shirts.  We signed all three up for the Carolinas Spartan Kids race in March!  I think they are pretty excited about that!

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Love Being A Nonny said...

what an inspiring video! Off to google the race…….

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