Tuesday, January 27, 2015

July 2014

July was honestly a baseball whirlwind!

We did manage to celebrate July 4th with a day at the pool and some sparklers at home.

emma sparkler

emma flag2

This All Star team was phenomenal.  They breezed through District.

phil jackson quote photo 11x8

V front edit quote web

B hit a home run in the District Championship game.

Cuthrell scores on 2 run home run

The boys won NC District 2!

District banner full size no score web

Did I mention that the majority of the team bleached their hair?

Team banner at score board web

Then it was time to prepare for States.

The Dash (our local professional baseball team) hosted the boys at a game one night before the state tournament.  Our manager got to throw out the first pitch.  That was a fun experience.


team with Bolt

The state tournament was held in Greenville, NC. The first night, they had Opening Ceremonies and a barbecue for the teams.

team banner on field

The state tournament was so stressful.  We weren't really sure how good the team was or how they would do.  Honestly, they blew the first 2 teams out of the water.


B safe

b walk in gear

DSC_0515 copy

DSC_0524 copy

B and Tyler on mound

The bleached hair really makes me smile.  These boys were so alive on this team.  They worked so hard, and they wanted to win so badly.  They came together as a team, and it was awesome to be a part of.

DSC_0581 copy

DSC_0421 copy

DSC_0552 copy

Winning a state tournament was just so awesome!

DSC_0912 copy

DSC_0909 copy

DSC_0907 copy

DSC_0213 copy

Team with banner by scoreboard

banner copy

team banner with Barry web

Not too many can say that they have a state title.  We are so proud of these boys.

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