Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I am 34 years old! You know, I am a mother of two and a wife of 10 years. I shouldn't necessarily want to read love stories about vampires. Matter of fact, I have fought wanting to read this series of vampire love stories, BUT I have been hearing nothing but absolutely fabulous things about the Twilight series! I have now added this to my Christmas wish list, and I have a pretty good idea that I'll be getting it in 23 days.

A little secret though....I really just want to go out and buy the first book so I can go ahead and read it...is that so bad???


teg said...

Let me know what you think - I have no background in it - but I am definitely a fool for blockbuster tales about kids who's age closely resemble that which I wish was mine!!! xoxo, hopeless dawson's creek fan, even to this day...

SCM said...

Haha... I've just read the first two and I'm looking forward to the last two. I've never been a fan of vampire books or even romances but it is impossible to not get caught up in the story. Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful author, it's amazing how her words can really cause you to feel the emotions of the characters.

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