Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jackson's Thoughtful Thursday


So Jackson gets home from school yesterday, and he is very excited to tell me all about COLLEGE. He starts out by telling me that he is going to work hard at school so that he can go one day. I get all excited because Jackson is our happy, go lucky child. I'm not sure being the teacher's pet or being at the top of the class will be at the top of his "most important things list".

Anyway, he starts going on and on about how he learned all about college at school and how he really wants to go. He told me, though, that "the saddest thing about going to college is not being able to live at home with your parents"!!! Did you read that??? He thinks THAT will be the worst thing about going to college!!!!! Ok, sorry Mom, but that part was at the TOP of my list when I was a senior in high school! I'll let the verdict stay out on Jackson's theory. I'm sure my precious little boy will change his sweet, little, innocent mind one day!!! So I am grinning from ear to ear while I ask for more. I ask him what the best parts about going off to college will be. This is how Jackson answers...I wish I had this on tape. Reading it will not do it justice.

The best parts in Jackson's words:

"Well, you get to stay up late - like until 4 o'clock in the morning."

"You get to eat your dinner in your bed."

"There's about 4 weeks before you would get in trouble." - Not really sure what this means!!!

"You get to go to concerts and have roommates."

"You get to do whatever you want."

"You get to knock furniture off the roof." - Again...where is this coming from???

"You get to go to basketball and football games."

When he was telling JC about all of these things, JC asked Jackson a few follow up questions like "why do you go to college Jackson?" - His answers were "to have fun" and "you get to go because you grow up." Seems reasonable to me. And then JC asked, "what do you do at college?" and Jackson answered...

"Well, they do have classes, but you can play tennis or air hockey there." Looks like my son is already playing down the academics part!!! It's gonna be a LONG 13 years I can see!

And there you have it: College through the eyes of a Kindergartner!


Patsy said...

College surely sounds like a fun place. I bet Jack will love it!!

Tara said...

At least he said knocking furniture off the roof instead of jumping from frat house balconies into swimming pools like some people we know! :-)

Jackson is going to have a blast in college. Hopefully, he'll learn a lot but have fun doing it. Unfortunately, it was too much work and very little play for me. Sometimes I regret I didn't enjoy the experience enough!

Cute post that made me smile!!

Rachel said...

His description sounds a lot like my college days! Ha ha, not really. Maybe some of hte guys on my freshman hall.

Seriously, so cute! When we visited my sorority house and some of the bedrooms were a mess, my boys thought that was the greatest thing - you could leave your room a big mess!

Hope the new paperwork is going smoothly.

Jodee Leader said...

That is the cutest college story ever! Carson (also in Kindergarten) always tells us he is going to live with us forever! Yea, right!

Katie said...

Okay...found you right back! Glad you are on this crazy journey of adoption - it is awesome and unbelievable and unlike anything you plan for. I am posting pics tonight if you want to see the kids (John AND Fin are from Russia - John Chuvash and Fin is Kemerovo (Siberia).

teg said...

As long as Carolina tops his list of schools, he can think whatever he wants! :)

Sarah said...

"knock furniture off the roof". . . did he interview Eric about his college experience? Actually, maybe not. If E had given him that info, he would have said "knock flaming furniture off the roof."

Heather said...

Ha. I love it!

Ally said...

My goodness! TOO CUTE!

Jo said...

Too cute ~ and oh so true! My son is in his freshmen year at UNC and the "you get to have fun" is still tops on his list. He's loving every minute of it. As a mom, I'm missing him tons back here in Connecticut.

Enjoy every minute of the next 13 years, it goes by all too quickly!


Felicia said...

Absolutely priceless :)

3 Peanuts said...

So funny!

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