Monday, November 9, 2009

Magnificent Monday

Today we got the news that Emma's echocardiogram was completely normal! There are absolutely no signs that she had heart surgery in St. Petersburg!!!!
You know when you just "go on faith"??? Well, when we received Emma as our referral back in February, I was just so completely calm about her cardiac diagnosis. I didn't really ever question whether or not we should accept her as our baby. God is good! I just knew with all my heart and soul that she would be a healthy little girl! We are so very lucky and fortunate that she is ours. Because of her diagnosis and history of heart problems, she was passed up by other Russian families in the Baby Home. I wouldn't take her any other way, scar and all!!!

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Prayer Request
Our neighbor and very good friend's brother was in a horrible accident last night and is on a ventilator and unconscious. Please please please lift him up in your prayers tonight and in the days to follow - that he may make a quick and complete recovery.


Jennifer said...

Praise the Lord for Emma's test results!

Jo said...

Little Miss Emma was meant to be a part of your family!

I will pray for your friends family ~ how scary!


Kristine said...

God is so good. Love this pic of Emma.

I will keep your neighbor's brother in my prayers. So scary. Life can change so quickly.

Henley on the Horn said...

Hooray for Emma! We are praying for your friend's brother.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

God is so good! That is great news. Saying a prayer for your friend and family.

Jodee Leader said...

Whooo hooo! That is super great news! I didn't even know that Emma had past heart problems. Where have I been? She looks soooo happy and healthy now!

Amy said...

hey there!
I just read your comment on my blog. You know Caroline had sleep issues for a pretty long time. I felt like I had a newborn because I was up all night. And she would just scream and scream. She eventually would calm down and go back to sleep at night, but not at naps. She would wake up after 45 minutes (on the nose) with blood curdling screams. She would refuse to go back to bed. It was sooooo frustrating. Obviously it was very tramatic for her and I felt bad, but I was also desperate for sleep and alone time. She was so clingy and needy during the day, that I felt just sucked dry.(not to mention I had 3 other kids to tend to)
She obviously was very scared and unsure of her new life. This went on for 6 months or so.
People kept telling me to put her in my bed to co-sleep. Especially on FRUA.
I just did not want to get into that habit. Not to mention, my husband would have refused. (we both are light sleepers) So, we just kept doing one day at a time and praying she would relax and start to be more comfortable in her new surroundings. I have no special fix unfortunately. We even put a video camera in her room to see what happened during her night terrors. Poor baby.
It just shows how scary it was in the orpahange for these sweet little babies.
Anyway, I do not know if it makes it better or worse to know that you are not alone. We were there and I know how very hard it is. The nights are just.....the worst. Lack of sleep make me grumpy. :)
I'll keep ya'll in my prayers.
Amy said...

god bless little Emma. I think god has plans for this little one. I love her curls. I can just picture her with pigtails someday.

emilyb said...

God is Good! So happy to hear that wonderful news. Vera Bradley looks perfect on Emma :)

Heather said...

I am so glad to hear about Emma's test results! Yea! I will pray for your friend's family. That is scary.

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