Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Claus

"To Millions of children the world over, Santa Claus is not only real, he is an extremely important person in their lives."
~from "Santa Claus" by Luca Sacchi

Today has been one of my most special this holiday season. Our family awoke much later than our normal schedules allow, and it was a great feeling. We all dressed in our Christmas clothes and went to the traditional service at our church. Next we went out to lunch and then straight to the mall.

Now, let me back up...I NEVER go to the mall. I usually don't have time, and I just don't like crowds of people. I don't shop on Black Friday, and I don't shop the day after Christmas. In fact, I plan for these crazy times and avoid shopping areas as much as possible. Today, however, I felt compelled to take these children to "see" Santa Claus. Of course, my 9.5 year old gave me a lot of grief over going. Thankfully, Kim at 3 Peanuts posted about their Santa Claus tradition, and I was able to show Brendan that other boys, older than he is, still go see Santa!!! If you haven't been to Kim's blog, now would be a GREAT time to check it out!

Our other two wild children, Emma & Jackson, were ready to go. Miss Emma was so excited and anxious to tell Santa all about the "baby dogs" that she wants this year. Of course, she means baby "DOLLS"!!! So cute.

20101219-(8 of 61)

That is until I picked Emma up to put her on Santa's lap...oh how the tears started flowing! I mean, she was screaming, "NO!" as I was faced with a Santa not really wanting to deal with crying little girls - yes, I could tell by the look on his face!!! You see, I had JC posted up with the Nikon ready to shoot the whole thing from afar - not really expecting this outburst from Emma. I mean, I was trying to tell Santa how my boys didn't really want to sit on his lap while Emma was screaming, "NO!"!!! Next thing I know, we are ALL FIVE in the picture! It's the ONLY way Emma would actually sit down remotely close to the jolly old soul! Actually, the photo turned out really good considering the sweat and tears just seconds before it was captured on digital film!

The POSITIVE thing here is that we went online and bought the "Fast Pass" this
year - first time our mall has ever done this...and yes, it works just like D*sney!!!
I am not kidding when I say that the wait was at least an hour and a half when we arrived!!! With this fast pass, we only waited 10 minutes!!! Amazing! PLUS, I got a $20 gift card to Sh*tterfly!

Afterward, we let the boys go to LIDS and pick out a new baseball hat with their names monogrammed on them, and I took Emma into Gymb*ree to use a gift card that we had been given. Since the candy store was next door, JC took all three in to pick out a candy. I was also able to go to Willi*ams Sonoma to get a gift for JC while he took the kids to do this...

20101219-(22 of 61)

They loved it!!!

20101219-(19 of 61)

20101219-(10 of 61)

Emma tried this jumping thing...well, actually, they hooked her up, and she just stood there!!!


The photo quality is horrible (taken with blackberry), but it is the only one we have!

Even though our mall was CRAZY with people, and there were FIVE of us there to keep track of, we had a WONDERFUL time!!!


the photo was sooooooo worth it!

20101219-(1 of 1)

yes, my MIL made Emma's dress!!!

"Santa Claus gives joy to even the youngest of children while he allows adults to travel back to their otherwise lost world of childhood. Every year he makes us rediscover - in case we have forgotten - the positive values of generosity and goodwill."
~Luca Sacchi


Jodee Leader said...

I love, love, love your picture with Santa!

3 Peanuts said...

I am so glad you went:) Will told me that he will go until he goes away to college because he know it makes me happy:) And yes, when you make a fun day/tradition out of is better for everyone. Plus, I bet if Emma sees her brothers not afraid...she won't be afraid next time.

Your family photo with Santa is darling!!!!

I am not a mall person ether and I don't do black I get it but those jumpy things look so much fun. I would take the boys to the mall for those:0)


3 Peanuts said...

P.S> tell your boys that Will is 13 and 1/2 and Harry is 10!!!

Patsy said...

oh, what fun. great pix and post. glad B found something exciting to do !!

Tiffany M. said...

Love, love the pictures. The Santa picture couldn't have turned out better!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful Family!!! Love the pictures and glad you guys had such a great time.

teg said...

that is a great photo of you all with Santa - can't tell Emma had been crying at all. And whatever the boys are doing in the air looks fabulously fun!!!

Debbie said...

Hi...have been following you for ages but never commented before - But I had to tell you I love your Santa photo!
Emma is absolutley beautiful..I hope my little one has her curls!

Tara said...

I'm not a mall person either but we do the Santa picture each year. Andrew hasn't cried any of the 3 years, which has completely surprised me.

You can't even tell Emma has been crying in the picture! Glad it turned out to be a success! Merry Christmas!

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