Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Trees

I love Christmas! I love to decorate for Christmas! I just wish I had a little more time to do so - as well as time to enjoy our decorations. This year, we decorated four trees...years past, I've done five and some just one. Brendan and Jackson decorated their own this year...all by themselves! I decorated Emma's and our main tree as well.

Jackson decided to add blue lights to his tree this year. He found a strand of these lights in some of our other decorations and decided that they needed to be on his tree.

20101216-(3 of 439)-4

20101216-(4 of 439)

Our dear friends in Louisiana exchange Christmas ornaments with the boys each year, and this was Jackson's from last year:
20101216-(34 of 428)

20101216-(44 of 428)

The boys also get to choose one H*llmark ornament each year. I started this when Brendan was a baby. We do H*llmark for the annual ornaments not because they are my favorite, but because they each have the date on them. They also come in their own box which I like for posterity's sake. Also, I started collecting the H*llmark Barbie ornaments a LONG time ago. These now all belong to Emma, and I am continuing to add to her collection.

Emma's tree is white, and it is filled with hot pink glass balls alongside her Barbie ornaments. I also bought a set of vintage Russian glass ornaments on eb*y.

20101216-(13 of 428)

I also got this vintage Russian H*allmark Barbie ornament on eb*y. In the lower righthand corner, you can see one of those glass Russian ornaments.

20101216-(12 of 15)

20101216-(2 of 15)
This is the 2010 Barbie ornament:
20101216-(64 of 428)

20101216-(4 of 15)

It's all about baseball!

20101216-(53 of 428)

20101216-(6 of 15)

This is our 10 foot North Carolina Frasier Fir.

20101216-(93 of 428)

20101216-(79 of 428)

20101216-(82 of 428)

20101216-(14 of 33)

20101216-(17 of 33)

And one of my absolute favorite ornaments:

20101216-(11 of 33)

You can order these ornaments and other frames from this very talented lady from NC.

I hope you have enjoyed our Christmas tree tour!

"The big tree stirred and opened his eyes,
and what he saw was such a surprise.
'You have made me beautiful for all to see,
and now I am a Christmas tree.'"


Love Being a Nonny said...

Love that all their little trees show their personalities!! Merry Christmas!

Dawn F. said...

Corey, you are so talented... your trees are gorgeous, you write this fantastic blog, you make beautiful jewelry and you take great pictures! I love love the beach pictures!! I also love my Christmas card! Everything looks so Christmasy and beautiful just like your family! :)

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Patsy said...

Wow ! The trees look great, DIL. Love E's Russian Barbie w/the red boots and the boys did a fine job on their trees. They need to come help me w/mine !

Jodee Leader said...

Your trees look fabulous! I love your Hallmark ornament tradition. Our kids get ornaments every year too -- not Hallmark -- but whatever they are into. Kamree is getting a pink Hello Kitty one this year, along with a polkadot "K" ornament that blinks!

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