Monday, January 10, 2011

Action Jackson Turns EIGHT

Jackson turned eight yesterday, January 9th.

He was born at the Camp LeJeune Naval Hospital at approximately 6am on 1/9/03...kept me up laboring all night...still keeps me up a lot of nights! :)

jackson floor

Things I love about Jackson...

~ Sometimes Jack looks at you and says for no reason at all, "I love you, mom!"!!! I love that!

~ Jackson is always ready for an adventure!

~ This is an "all-boy, camo-wearin" kind of kid, but he still snuggles his favorite Bu*ld-A-Bear every night.

~ He melts my heart!

We had a very low-key day for Jackson's birthday. He is having a sleep-over on Friday to really celebrate! He did enjoy opening a few presents:

20110109-(17 of 545)

20110110-(2 of 560)

And his MiMi and Aunt Katie brought Krispy Kreme donuts. Jackson doesn't like cake (yeah, I know) so we had a donut cake!!!

20110109-(28 of 545)

20110109-(21 of 545)

20110109-(30 of 545)

20110109-(32 of 545)

20110109-(40 of 545)


For dinner, Patsy & Pop, came over, and we went to eat Mexican food! Jackson was such a good sport when the staff came out to sing to him!

sombrero 1 copy

sombrero 3 copy

I'd say it was a good day! Jackson is very excited about Friday night to say the least! We get to do it all over again!

Jackson is so worth it though! Happy Birthday Little Man!


teg said...

Happy Happy Birthday J!!! xo

Anonymous said...

awww, so cute! happy birthday to jackson! xoxox

bevy said...

Happy late birthday from the mom to another Jackson!

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