Thursday, January 13, 2011

Emma's First American Haircut

We are not sure if Emma ever had a haircut in St. Petersburg. JC thinks "yes"; I think "no"! Regardless, we have let Emma's hair grow from the time we brought her home 10/7/09 until the 23rd of December of 2010.


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I was very anxious about taking Emma in for her first appointment. I could envision it being a nightmare experience. She hates for me to brush her hair. With it being mostly curly, she ALWAYS has tangles despite the spray in detangler and the leave-in conditioner. As with all curly hair, it was much longer when brushed out wet than when it was dry.

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I could tell that Emma's hair was extremely uneven and stringy.
So off to the salon we went...

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Emma climbed right up on the seat and sat very still. She was perfect! No tears; no complaining; just total cooperation!

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All the ladies were "oohing and ahhing" over her. She ate it up. My girl loves attention. Just look at the way she ended up sitting in the chair:

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I don't have a great "after" photo. Emma won't stay still long enough for me to take one when her hair is actually fixed. I do know that I want it to grow out now. I am hoping that this cut will help us get a good start on shape. Although short hair is not my favorite, I love how healthy Emma's hair looks now.

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Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! I love, love, love Emma's curls!

Tara said...

Isn't she just the Miss Priss!:-) Her hair looks great and I'm glad it wasn't a stressful experience for you!

Dawn Garlow said...

Such cuteness!! so glad it was a pleasant experience! I've had nightmareish hair cut experiences! :(
Her hair looks adorable and I love the picture of her in the chair with her leg crossed like, "Yea, no bigs, guys. It was just a hair cut. Geezz!"

Little Girls are so much fun! :)

Kristine ::Lakeshore Cottage Living:: said...

Oh she is such a dolly! I just love her!!! Her hair looks so wonderful and you are going to have to fight the boys away from those sweet cheeks of hers as she gets older!

Debbie said...

Aww...just gorgeous! Those curls.......
dx said...

she looks all lady like at the beauty shop. Beautiful child. love her new hair do.

Michelle said...

How sweet! Her curls are lovely. I hope you don't mind me giving a piece of curly hair advice...I have very curly hair that tangles easily. I don't use shampoo on my hair. I only use conditioner. It really helps without the shampoo as it is drying which curly hair hates. The conditioner is so much better. The only time I use shampoo is when I get it colored every four weeks. Just a thought for you and Emma!

Laura said...

Adorable! Oh, how I wish I had her beautiful curls!

Jo said...

Lovin that shot of her with her boot crossed in the beauty chair ~ too much! You have a sweet princess on your hands.

I would pay a big price to have such curls.


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