Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Finds

I LOVE to go treasure hunting.

I am not quite sure where this particular trait is coming from in me. I think it's like eb*y...the thrill of the "find" or "win". We have an unbelievable Goodwill in our small town. We are surrounded by fairly nice neighborhoods, and I have found some amazing things when I actually go shopping there. My other favorite thrifty place to go is our closest Habitat Re-Store. I love seeing what kind of old furniture, wooden accessories, etc. I can find there. Now...let me be honest! I mostly walk in...find nothing...turn around and walk out. The boys and I recently made a drop-off at Goodwill, and they actually like going in with me! Strange, I know. that I've set the "stage" for my Friday Finds posts. Here are my most recent finds...I'll post more of my older "finds" later on!!!

20110112-(7 of 617)

I don't know why I love this tea cup and saucer, but I do. I can so see myself sipping on a cup of tea or coffee and checking my favorite blogs on my days off...of course while the entire house is clean and completely silent! ;)

20110112-(10 of 617)

This set is Roscher & Co. Paisley Collection. I "go*gled" it, and I couldn't find out much about the company...maybe they are not still in production? I don't know...this was strictly a "I like the way this looks!" buy!!! $2 total for this set!!!

I also looked through the linens at our Goodwill this trip for the very first time. I found a few things that I ended up buying for very very cheap...two vintage hankies for $.25 each:

20110112-(50 of 617)

and a set of four napkins...I also paid only $.25 each for these beauties.

20110112-(36 of 617)

20110112-(38 of 617)

20110112-(42 of 617)

I was so drawn to this set...can't you just see it on a cute little apron dress like this one from Kissing Kumquats?


This talented lady also made the adorable outfit that Emma wore when we she met her new family last October at the airport.


Such cute little clothes. I wish I could get away with wearing that!!!

And the last find is this AMAZING 4T jacket from Little Mass for $3! Yep...$3! I really really really wish I had one of these in my size! So stinkin' cute!!!

20110112-(55 of 617)

20110112-(57 of 617)

20110112-(54 of 617)

I think I made out well on that little side trip to Goodwill! Would love any tips or other places you ladies love to treasure hunt!!! I love a good find!!!


Debbie said...

Hi! I'm with fav drink in the whole world is a cup of tea - served in a delicate china cup and saucer!
It makes me feel wonderful!
Love your taste.


CarolinaGirl said...

Wow, you did great! We go to the Goodwill in Pona Vedra, and it is amazing. Tiger Woods wife even goes to that one ;) It is so much fun finding good deals!

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