Monday, January 17, 2011

Open Doors

Our sermon at church yesterday was entitled "Open Doors". Our minister spoke about opening your heart to the Lord and being ready for when you are called. Sitting there my thoughts instantly turned to Davids.


Many of you in the adoption community are familiar with Davids' story:
~ "See this precious young man. His name is Davids. He lives in Latvia. He needs a family NOW. On Jan 23rd he will turn 16 and will no longer be available for adoption.The family that had previously committed to his adoption backed out for unknown reasons.

Davids will be released out into the world to no one and nothing, left to fend for himself. Can you imagine being 16 and completely alone in the world? How does one even begin to carve out a life for himself with a start like that?"~ from
Project Hopeful Blog
Davids' birthday is the DAY BEFORE EMMA'S!!!

In a matter of HOURS, Penny and Mike Kilgore, OPENED THEIR HEARTS!!!!
The adoption community through, Project Hopeful, is currently assisting the Kilgore's in raising the needed funds to bring Davids home in just SIX months. As Sarah (From Russia with Love) so profoundly stated, "In the adoption world that is like warp speed.".

My blog post today is to ask, beg, plead with my readers to go to Project Hopeful and donate WHATEVER you can.


CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE PROJECT HOPEFUL DONATION SITE. Be sure to put DAVIDS name in the comments section to make sure your funds are designated to bringing this sweet boy home to a forever family!

"I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people convinced they are about to change the world. I am more awed by the people who struggle to make one small difference."
~Ellen Goodman

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