Monday, January 24, 2011


January 24, 2011...Emma turns THREE!

Our celebrations started on Saturday. Emma hosted several friends and her cousins for a Snowflake Princess party.

emma invitation 2011

Although there is not snow on the ground here right now, guests were greeted by snowflakes galore!

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Emma's Patsy made her a beautiful Snowflake Princess dress just for her big day.

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And Emma's MiMi and her great-grandmother made her a princess castle cake:

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It was so yummy! Those towers are made out of rice krispies so that you could also eat them...delicious!

I worked with Amber from Party On Boutique to create the printable paper decorations! She did a great job, and the colors were exactly what I wanted.

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We had so much fun creating original works of art with pre-painted blue canvases, snowflake foam stickers and snowman sponges.

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I had a few other activities planned for the princesses, but they just wanted to play with Emma's kitchen instead.

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Look at these sweethearts...the most grown up and the youngest princesses at the party...

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After playing, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Emma, and she blew out her!

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Everyone waited so patiently for the cake...

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Like I said, it was yummy...

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Emma especially LOVES icing...she left the cake, but not a spot of icing was left on her piece.

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And the ladies took home a treat bag with a snowflake wand, snowflake tiara, candy, and custom paper doll set from Studio 71 Designs.

20110122-(9 of 200)

paper doll

Emma actually told me last night that she loved her party. I am so happy that she did. Since we missed Emma's first birthday with her, I hope that all of her birthdays are wonderful for the rest of her life.

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Happy Birthday Emma. We love you sooooo much!


Ani said...

Beautiful birthday party! Truly fit for a princess! Thanks for sharing.

3 Peanuts said...

Her birthday looks delightful. All of the touches were beautiful and everyone looks like they had a great time:)

Happy Birthday Emma!

Kristine~Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Wow! What a wonderful party! I wished we lived closer so that you could plan all of my parties for me!!!

Dawn Garlow said...

YOU, my friend, are nothing short of AMAZING!!! This party is something out of a fairy tale. Emma is one lucky Princess!!! She is adorable and she looks so happy. This happiness is YOUR doing! WAY TO GO, MOM!! The decorations, the outfit, the Castle Cake... incredible and all done with so much love for one precious little girl.

thanks for posting all the pictures! I'm not sure you can top this party! Let's hope she can remember it! ha :)

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Your momy did an amazing job with your party:)

bevy said...

Big fun... Truly a winter wonderland for a princess!

abby's mom said...

Beautiful pictures for a beautiful princess! The photos are great and it was a fabulous time!! So glad we could share it with you!!

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! You did a fabulous job on Emma's party. Everything looked perfect! I especially love the colors and the cake!

Jo said...

What an adorable party ~ a winter wonderland indeed!

Hope you all enjoyed the special celebration.


The Sanders Family said...

I can see why Emma loved her party. The decorations, little dresses, party favors and food couldn't be any more perfect! Love it! Way to go making such a special party for your little princess. She's such a cutie :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a fun time for her! Hope it was a great day!

Gale said...

I love everything about this party!! This is the way a birthday should be celebrated! I believe the photo with the freshly devoured icing is my favorite!!! What a sweet baby face!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok that was the cutest theme in all creation!!!

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