Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Finds

This week I am going to post photos of a few pieces of furniture that I painted when we redid our great room. A couple of these were hand-me-downs from my MIL, but three pieces I found at Goodwill and our Habitat store. I wish I had taken more before photos. I only have befores for one piece. I chose to paint these pieces white and then distress them with sandpaper.

My biggest inspiration came from Holly at Life in the Fun Lane. She also has an amazing store called White Berry.


If you get a second, you should take a peak at her blog.'s what I did. I think these pieces turned out great for our new cottage/coastal theme. It was A LOT cheaper than buying five new pieces of furniture from Cr*te and Barrel or P*ttery Barn.

Ok...the first table that I painted (inherited from MIL) BEFORE:

20100207-(13 of 277)

On this one, the top had cracked so I tried to add wood filler to make it more even.

20100207-(16 of 277)

And the Afters:

20110202-(3 of 157)

20110202-(5 of 152)

This other piece we also has a lovely marble top and original brass handles and original roller feet.

20110202-(17 of 152)

I found this end table at our Habitat store for $15. It was not looking too good when I purchased it, but I really liked the lines of it.

20110202-(9 of 152)

I found the knobs on clearance for $4.95 at Home Goods (for all 4)!

The last two pieces came from my favorite Goodwill.

This first table was in very bad shape. All the screws were really loose, and it appeared to have been used in a garage or as a gardening table...lots of water stains. It cost $3, and I love the way it turned out!!!

20110202-(14 of 152)

And you can see Emma's toys in the background! :)

The last piece that I found and painted last spring is my FAVORITE. Again...this little cabinet was in REALLY bad shape (a lot of water damage and some chipping of the decorative accents). I didn't think I'd ever really post about this piece because it looked so bad - so no before photos. It actually turned out to be my favorite piece yet though.
20110202-(3 of 161)

20110202-(30 of 152)

And I LOVE these knobs from Anthropologie.
20110202-(24 of 152)

This little beauty cost $35 (more than I'd like to pay for something that I may destroy), but it is solid wood, and I absolutely love its lines.

Any of you out there like to paint was easier than I thought it would be???

Happy Friday, Y'all!


Jodee said...

Holy cow! You are soooo talented! I wish you could help me paint my treasure! I don't even know where to begin!

Kristine~Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Those ALL look wonderful! I agree, you are very talented. Won't you come to Kansas? I have a large dining room table that was left in the house when we bought it that I would like to transform!

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