Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Research Gone Bad.

This past weekend, our family ventured down to our beach condo even though the weather forecast looked horrendous. We were hopeful that the ocean breezes would help to move the system out to sea, but we were disappointed.

The main reason for this trip was for Brendan to do research for his 4th grade North Carolina Notebook project. The entire fourth grade at his school does this project each year. It is very much like a scrapbook for North Carolina. Each student chooses something relative to NC starting with each letter of the alphabet and researches it. This weekend, we were hoping to knock out letters F, O, S and U. Brendan chose Fort Fisher as his "F", Oak Island for the "O", Southport for the "S" and the USS North Carolina as his "U".

We were only able to cruise through Southport on Saturday because of the torrential rains that would not let up. We were also going to take the kids to the Southport Maritime Museum, but that was even closed because they are moving locations! We were seriously depressed that the weather was so lousy and that we were not able to do the things that we had planned for Saturday. We were even going to take the ferry from Southport over to Ft. Fisher for the morning, but we decided against that as well.

The only photos we were able to get were just a couple at the waterfront in Southport and by the USS North Carolina on the way home on Sunday.

These are a few of the best (although not great) of the photos:

20110205-(33 of 53)

20110206-(50 of 53)

uss nc

See how beautiful it was on Sunday? We had to be home in time for Brendan's US Baseball Academy session at 2pm so the only thing we did was to go by the battleship.

Guess we'll be heading back to the beach in the next few weeks.


Jodee said...

Beach research?! No way! We just researched lions! Cute pictures!

bevy said...

Looks like great project!

Dawn Garlow said...

Love the fact that you attempted to do "real life" research! It's the best!! Yea, the project is pretty awesome! ha ha ;o) Hopefully next time you will be able to enjoy much better weather with lots more photos. :)

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