Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finds

This week I'd like to share a couple of "finds" that work perfectly in Emma's room.

I spied this little green chest/nightstand in our Goodwill last summer. It was missing the bottom left handle, but it was only $15 so I snatched it up.

20110324-(99 of 612)

The color here is a little off since my flash kicked in, but this is the best photo that came through. It is a little darker as you'll see in the next photos.

The best discovery was when I opened the drawer and found the missing handle. I had to use a washer and eye screw to attach it, and as you can see, I mixed some paint to try to match the hardware. It is not perfect, but I love it. My original plan was to repaint it and get new hardware, but it matches the green in Emma's draperies; I love its true vintage.

In the photo below, you can see the original color also matches the mat of the framed watercolor that we bought for Emma in Moscow.

20110324-(103 of 612)

The second item I'd like to share is a little lamp that I actually found at a different Goodwill on Wednesday. It was only $3, and this is how it looked when I snagged it...

20110323-(1 of 612)

This little birdie caught my eye...

20110323-(3 of 612)

Emma has this table from Pier One in her room so I thought the lamp would go perfectly!


A little spray paint goes a long way...

20110324-(97 of 612)

20110324-(108 of 612)

I just love this little corner in Emma's room now. The watercolor is obviously St. Basils in Red Square, and the photo above it is of Emma's little hands holding the smallest "baby" from one of the Matryoshka dolls that we bought her in Russia.

One other very special aspect of Emma's room is the print on the left of the little girls on the beach. It was hanging in my room growing up, and once I went to Carolina, my dad loved it so much that my parents moved it to their bedroom. After my dad passed, I asked my mom if I could have it for Emma's room. I love the sentimentality of this print.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend...wish it was going to be warm here, but we have a cold front moving through...bleh!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Love Love Love the green dresser. Did I mention I love it? :)

Kristine: Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

I love it too! I also love her pink elephant. Maria has one too. I had one as a baby as well...what is it about a good pink elephant?

Have a wonderful weekend.


Gale said...

I love her room, most especially the green nightstand. We have the same Bitty Baby at our house for the least grandbaby! I love preserving something old and making it work...such a great idea to scavenge at the Goodwill. I'm in NC too...not a great weather forecast, but we do play basketball tonight!! I can enjoy that indoors!

A Big Little Life said...

So crafty! The lamp and dresser both look great! Great finds : )

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Very Pretty! I love the lamp. The white paint is great. And the dresser is beautiful.

Dawn Garlow said...

See, I told ya you would be up to some kind of "Friday Find" today!! ;o) Everything you do is so pretty and unique! you have a "great eye" for picking out something "less than desirable" and making it into something with PIZAZZ and beauty! You are just one very talented Mommy! Love both the dresser and the lamp! I think we should quit our jobs and do this "remodel" thing full time!! hahaha :o)

God's Girl said...

I haven't been in bloggy world for so long. I'm still trying to balance life as a Pastor's wife, being a mommy and ministry.

You are incredibly gifted. You have a great eye for decorating. I really love what you have done with the chest, lamp, prints on the wall and Emma's room. So beautiful. I love to decorate!

Thanks for giving me a glimpse. : )


Lorri said...

Her room is adorable! I love the green. The lamp is perfect. I love sweet birds!

CarolinaGirl said...

Love it just the way it is~ perfect!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Emma's room!!, especially her picture of St. Basil's Cathedral!!!, it's a sight i dream of visiting someday. They are like brightly colored candy castles-so unique!!!. I bet Emma loves it esp as she gets older!!. I am Shameme, a half Asian girl from England. I am coming to New York in May to see a Doctor and although it's a sad reason i'm coming i can't wait to see New York!!. I've read your adoption journal and would love to stay in contact with you as you seeem like wonderful people. Email me anytime at

P.S. I have a Russian doll necklace!!

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