Monday, April 4, 2011

My Starfish Spring Wreath

Ruffles, Burlap, Birds' Nests, Moss...all of these wonderful ingredients on spring wreaths have really inspired me lately. I have looked online since Christmas for a seashell or starfish wreath for our front door, and I have just not found anything that I like.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I was checking my blog roll, and I came across the Spring Wreath that Emily made over at jones design company.

Isn't it lovely? So like most any project I see (that does NOT involve a sewing machine), I decided "I can do that"!!!
I already had a grapevine wreath that I had bought before Christmas, and of course, I have a gazillion starfish laying around. I went over to J*ann's and stood in line for a RIDICULOUSLY LONG time to get some clearance fabric cut, and I was in business.DSC_0645

I won't bore you with my "not the way to do it" instructions. I would HIGHLY recommend that you head over to jones design company for the step by step list. Note: I still did not break my sewing machine out of its box for this project!!! In 11 days, I will have had that bad boy for two years...yep, still sealed up nice and new taking up precious laundry room space. What is wrong with me?

I quickly learned that the key to this pretty little wreath was all those ruffles which I did not sew. SO...what's a girl to do? I used my hot glue gun to help me "scrunch" the fabric into fake ruffles all the way around.

DSC_0650 Pardon my ugly nighttime photo.

After only ONE major hot glue burn (on the top of my thumb - which resulted in a blister), I ended up with a not-so-bad first attempt at making a wreath.

The blueish hint to the fabric really drew my eye in the fabric store, but I am not sure about it next to my red front door. I think a tan linen would have been a little prettier. I am NOT ready to redo this project though.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Jodee said...

Wow! Way to go! That turned out sooo cute!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

They both look wonderful. I cannot sew AT ALL...well except a button or two...but a glue gun I can do! I may have to add this to my bucket list.

Dawn Garlow said...

LOVE it CSC!! :) I swear , all this craftiness could become a full time job!! I'm addicted! ha :)

Colleen @ Red Door Abode said...

Love this!! Our front doors are so similar except you have those AMAZING side windows and I cannot wait to show the Hubs when he gets home tonight! We have been talking about doing that and seeing how gorgeous your door is convinced me that this needs to be our next project! Yippee!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Looks great!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

So chic! I love it!

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