Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Salty Dog

You just cannot vacation at HHI without a trip to The Salty Dog!


It was a gorgeous Lowcountry where you instantly have sweat dripping down your back as soon as you step out into the heat!

Salty Dog Decks

Salty Dog

We chose to eat outside at The Salty Dog Cafe despite the heat!
Salty Dog Sign

Our food was delicious! AND...all three kids chose fruit instead of fries...on their own!
Salty Dog Lunch

We only had one slight mishap!

Salty Dog Rainbow

Jackson, "on an accident" according to him, kicked one of his Rainbow's off the dock area where we were sitting!
Check out his sneaky face...
Salty Dog Boys

After lunch we let the kids do their own Salty Dog Tie Dye shirt!

Salty Dog Tie Dye3

They could choose the design...diamond, spiral or bull's eye. Emma chose bull's eye and both boys chose the spiral. The staff actually wound the shirt up and placed the rubber bands in the correct places for the designs. Then the shirts soaked in a solution which helps hold the color for 10 minutes.

Emma was called first.
She chose 4 colors...turquoise, lime, pink and plum.

Salty Dog shirt

Salty Dog SHirts

Next up was Jackson and then Brendan.
Salty Dog TD Boys

After all the dye was applied, they secure the wet shirts in plastic bags with directions on how to process them. We had three happy and anxious minis walking away swinging their plastic bags.

After the shirts, we went to the Ice Cream Shop...
Salty Dog Ice Cream

They had to eat quickly. Even though all three got their ice cream in a cup, it was almost instantly turning into soup.

One quick trip for me up to here... The Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory, and we were heading back for an afternoon on the beach!

It was a great time!

We let the shirts soak for 24 hours before washing. This is the best shot I could get of all three wearing their new shirts! They turned out fantastic!
Salty Dog Tie Dye Shirts


Lori said...

Love SD, we were just there. And we ate outdoors too. I'm always happy when fruit is chosen over french fries! :)
Love those shirts!

Jo said...

What fun!
Love those shirts that grin with the Rainbow in the water is too funny ... guilty? YES! :)


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