Monday, August 1, 2011

What Do You Do on A Rainy Day at The Beach?

The rain started before lunchtime on Tuesday at Hilton Head Island last week. We all decided to go out for lunch with hopes that the rain would stop by the did not! It rained for over 24 hours straight!

Since this was a beach vacation, I didn't pack many activities to do indoors.

One thing that I did pack, though, was plenty of this...
HHI thread

And guess what the boys and I did???

Tried to make Friendship bracelets!!!

I remember making these as a Tween! I loved it. I thought my boys just might enjoy this activity as well.

Before leaving for the beach, I had been inspired by the DIY projects at Honestly WTF. They make it look so easy and have beautifully colored bracelet photos...

Here is where I admit that I no longer have the patience to try to make an entire bracelet. The boys also lost interest pretty quickly in keeping track of threads making forward knots. We therefore decided just to make a few braided bracelets.
HHI thread 1

The boys chose their colors, and I cut the threads and helped them get started. They were hooked!
HHI thread 2
They probably made 20 bracelets just while it rained Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. They are both still wearing them now.

HHI thread 4

They even made bracelets for Emma AND let her pick her own colors.
HHI thread 3

It wasn't our first choice as a way to spend a day at the beach, but we made the most of it.

Today (August 1st), Jackson is having a spend the night with my mom. She took him to her pool today where he met two new friends who are twin sisters. My mom called to tell me how the little girls (also 8) were enthralled by Jackson's bracelets and anklets. My sweet Jackson voluntarily gave each of the girls one of his bracelets as he was leaving. That warms my heart!

I recently ordered a more grown up version for myself, and I love it!

I chose the Shaka Wrap Around in white.

Who says you're too old to wear Friendship bracelets?


Jodee said...

It looks like the perfect Plan B to me! Your bracelets turned out sooo cute!

Sarah said...

Wow. Just had a sudden flashback to SESJH!

Dawn Garlow said...

You are never too old for friendship bracelets!!! Never! ;o) Love the one you ordered for yo-self! One question: How in THE WORLD do you find all this coolio stuff???
You amaze me, CSC!
Oh, and P.S. Emma's Mermaid shirt... we totally need matching ones!!

Lori said...

Those are so cute, what a great idea! Wow, the ones in that first picture are amazing!

Jo said...

I remember making these as a child, with my child and my students. Great summer fun.


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