Thursday, September 29, 2011


Both of my boys (but especially Brendan) were extremely affected by the pictures of Camp Don Lee following Hurricane Irene's departure. Some of those photos were in this post last month.

Instantly Brendan and Jackson were brainstorming about how they could help rebuild. Brendan was very worried about not being able to go to camp next year!

Camp Don Lee Hurricane Helpers was born shortly thereafter! Ideas were thrown out left and right about how an eight and ten year old could raise money for their camp. A goal of $1000 was set! Although a little doubtful in our abilities to raise that much money, the boys started brainstorming!!! The first idea was , "sell their stuff"! This really wasn't such a bad idea.

With my help, the boys sifted through old clothes, shoes and baby items that we could sell at Onc* Upon A Child.

CDL Clothes

Here's a photo of the boys with the first car load. I think they made about $60 that day!!!
CDL Helpers Car

cdl helpers org sweeten

But...what child-based fundraiser is complete without a Lemonade Stand? The boys (Jackson had to work alone as Brendan had a baseball tournament) had their first Lemonade Stand at our tailgate before the UNC - Rutgers football game. Thanks to the generosity of JC's fraternity brothers and our friends, we were able to raise $100 in about two hours!

CDL Helpers L Stand

The Hurricane Helpers even have their own Facebook page. Brendan wrote the "Info" Section:
"On Saturday, August 27th Hurricane Irene blew through Camp Don Lee. It damaged the pier and several other buildings. That means if everything doesn't get repaired, we won't have camp next year. That is why my brother and I are trying to raise money to rebuild Camp Don Lee."

If you would like to see more and follow their progress, please "like" their page ... link below

We are so proud of these two so far!

Stay tuned for more!!!


shirley slee said...

So inspiring! Great job momma!

Channah said...

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