Saturday, March 3, 2012

JC's Half

JC Half logo

Two weekends ago, JC and I headed to Myrtle Beach so that JC could run in the 15th annual Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. We were lucky enough to make a weekend out of the trip since the grandparents kept all three kiddos back home.

The starting line was right by Broadway at the Beach, and we booked our hotel early enough that we were within walking distance. This was a good thing since the race started at 6:30 a.m.

jC Half3
JC right before the race began...

JC Half Run

The half marathon and marathon runners' starting and finish lines were right side by side:
JC Half Finish line

Originally I was running with JC and had planned on trying to run this race as well. I am no runner, and by Christmas, I was hurting pretty bad so I stopped trying to advance my miles. In hind sight, there is no way a novice runner like me could have continued the training anyway with all that we had going on with the house and the move. It was even hard for JC to get miles in, and he mostly tried to run at 5am each day.

I am so proud of him though. Despite his lack of training the month prior to the race, he was able to finish in one hour, thirty five minutes and 42 seconds!!!!

He was faster than I thought he would be, and I actually missed him coming across the finish line! Thankfully, the announcers called out his name so I looked up and snapped this photo just as he stopped running.
JC Half finish

Each of the runners who finished got the cutest medals:
JC Half medal

I am so proud of J!!!
JC Half smile

All in all it was a wonderful weekend getaway!


Jo said...

Congrats J ~ way to go!
How special that the two of you were able to get some time away.

I've tried to run but it's just not my thing. My husband is and I admire him for such a talent.

PS ~ Nicholas is at the game tonight! He was home on the east coast for a quick ski weekend last week. He and his friends were looking forward to the big game! Hope it end in your favor :)

Tara said...

Ahhh I'm out of breath just reading about that run. Congrats to him. I am not a runner but sure wish I could get into it.

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