Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rule of Life #8

Never Miss A Very Important Party

Emma turned four the week that we moved from the house we sold into our rental house. She did have cupcakes at her school, but we waited to have a birthday party until we were a little more settled.

Emma's first cousin, Carson, also turned two in February so we decided to have a combo party on February 25th to celebrate these two little girls. The theme was Olivia the Pig!

To get ready for the party, I made a couple of serving platters since a lot of my things are still boxed up. For under $10, I was able to make two cute pieces.

Starting with a cake plate and glass, I made a large stand for the cake...


I actually spray painted it red to match the colors of the party.

I also found a clear crystal candlestick and plate that I just glued together. It worked!

My sister, Katie, did a lot of the work as far as decorating. She came out a couple of times to help put up custom decorations.
OLIVIA dining

OLIVIA plates

OLIVIA backdrop

OLIVIA treat

Emma and Carson's MiMi made everyone Olivia "ears". They were so cute.


OLIVIA marshmallows

Since the party was from 2:30 to 4pm, we just had cake and a few treats.
OLIVIA table


Look how cute the Olivia cake topper is...Katie found it on Etsy.
OLIVIA topper

Emma and Carson wait patiently for guests to arrive...sadly this is the only photo I got of the girls. They would not stand still!
OLIVIA girls

Here is a picture after the party...I think the children had a good time playing:

OLIVIA playroom

Happy Birthday Little Ladies!


Lisa said...

What a great looking party! I love the "ears". That is a very cute picture of them watching for guests. I like how Emma has her ears on.

Jodee said...

What a fabulous party! I love all of the splashes of red! So cute!

LoneStarPrep said...

What a cute party!! Love it all : ) I have to start planning CB's 2nd birthday and I have no idea where to begin... I am not even sure how she is already turning 2 : (

dee dee said...

Wonderful party!
Love your homemade cake plates... very creative!
dee dee

Jo said...

You are so creative!
Everything looks SO cute! I'm sure those girlies had the time of their lives!


Barb said...

I have always thought your parties are SO creative! Beautiful table presentation and decorations:)

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