Monday, March 26, 2012

Life in a Rental

We have officially been living in this rental for two months now. I cannot believe we have not broken ground on the new build yet...the whole process seems to be moving in slow motion!

This rental experience has not been without excitement though.

After one week of moving in, we experienced some of what this house has to offer.

After just 7 days of living here, we were faced with a hot water heater that was 20 years old having a mind of its own - ie...there was a good chance that it would not heat water on a daily basis. The dishwasher would leak all over the kitchen floor when we started it; and the only outlet in the master bath was literally coming out of the mirror which ended up shorting out all the outlets for every single bathroom in the house.

After two weeks of living here, we heard an "animal" in the chimney. Then about a week later, we started to smell the animal that was in the chimney. After two attempts by the wildlife removal men, THREE dead squirrels were removed from the chimney, and the barrier at the top of the chimney was repaired. I can still smell the dead squirrels though.

Just two weeks ago, we finally got the owner to agree to replace the hot water heater! They installed a tankless hot water heater, and it has been fabulous!!!

Last week about 30 flies hatched two days in a row so we were trying to get rid of flies all week...disgusting!!!!

And just last night, 45 minutes before guests arrived for dinner, this is what happened when I turned on the garbage disposal...

sink fall

The entire garbage disposal fell away from the sink! What a mess!!!!

sink jc


Our counter looked like this after everyone left Saturday night:

sink dishes

And Sunday, I was washing dishes in the POWDER ROOM sink:


This has been such an eye opening experience! To say that we are ready to get out of this house is an understatement. The thing is, we are in a really nice neighborhood! This house is just falling apart!!!! It looks great on the surface, but there are so many things wrong with it!

To top it all off, I was diagnosed with Shingles on Tuesday! WHAT??? I didn't really feel any more stressed than usual, but when you spell it all out with the rental and the new build and then regular old life on top, I guess it took its toll on my body!

Right now we are waiting on our bank to approve the builder which will probably take the next two weeks. There are a lot more guidelines for getting a new construction loan than there used to be...we will just have to play the waiting game! Still praying we can start soon and be in before December!


Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

O the joys...of renting, ugh! Hope your shingles will be managed and go away quickly. Good luck on the loan and the new build.

dee dee said...

Oh I'm so sorry about all the issues that seems to be raining done on you in your temporary home. We lived in our two bedroom rental for 5 months last year while redoing your home... so I understand. Hope you are feeling better!
dee dee

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word girl...shingles! Painful! Yep, a sign of stress manifesting itself! Take care of yourself...this too shall pass!!

Sarah said...

Shingles, household disasters... lion and tigers and bears, oh my! Good luck with everything, and take care of yourself.

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