Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Spring Break in iPhone Photos

This year the boys were out of school from March 29 until April 8th. We did not have any major plans. We did go to Oak Island for both long weekends, but JC and I both worked the Monday - Thursday in between.

The first Friday at the beach was unexpectedly warm. We stayed out on the beach most of the day in bathing suits.

emma bucket

jack in sand

JC's parents kept the boys during the week when I was at work. Patsy helped Jackson plant some mini pumpkin seeds, and he got the fever to plant a garden again so off to the little local hardware store we went...

SB jack boots

One night we actually built a fire in the firepit that we made...
SB jack fire

And one night we went out for Mexican and then frozen yogurt:
SB marg

Thursday night it was back to the beach for Easter weekend. The forecast was not looking great though.

Just before getting in the car, we gave the kids their "parent" Easter gifts. It would have been just a tad bit hard to hide this:

SB board 2

Brendan got his "BEATS" that he has been wanting:
SB beats

Emma got some clothes and toys:
SB EMma Easter

They were so happy!!!!

On Good Friday, we woke up and it was only about 45 degrees and raining! Boo!
SB rain

We took the kids out to lunch and then to see The Lorax.

SB Emma Lorax
This was Emma's first movie in the theater. She LOVED it!!!

The sun eventually came out, and it warmed up to about 65 degrees. Jackson thought he could test out his board. The ocean was amazingly calm and of course, COLD. Jackson took one tiny wave, and then this...

SB jack surf
Back to the condo we go!!!

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, but it only reached about 64 degrees. We went down to the beach anyway.

Barbie really knows how to rock a bikini!
SB Barbie

I, on the other hand, was wrapped up in layers:
SB Cold

That night, JC did make a really good batch of Frogmore Stew! One of my favorite things to do at the beach! This is the recipe we use, but we don't measure anything out anymore...

Sunday we tried the beach once more, but it was very windy so we decided to clean up and head to one of our favorite restaurants for Easter lunch.

Unfortunately, it was time to go back home. As you can see, Jackson made the most of the trip playing with my phone...

SB silly jack

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter!

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Jodee said...

It looks like you had a fun spring break at the beach! Love the last picture!

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