Monday, August 20, 2012

Camp Don Lee

Two weeks ago, we took the boys to Camp Don Lee.


This is the first time that they have actually gone to camp at the same time.  They also each had a friend go with them this year.  Let's just say they both were really looking forward to this week!

Below I am posting photos that I took as well as camp photos that were posted online throughout the week by "Camp Brain".

Here are the guys waiting to get checked in...
all 4 before check in

I also took this photo before check-in.  This is the first time Brendan and Jackson had been out on the new pier that they helped to rebuild.

The pier from land:

Jackson and Adam...ready to take on the week.
j a

Jackson chose the top bunk!

B and Drew with their counselor...
B and Drw

Jackson and Adam with their counselor...

sweet b

jack towel

Messy Games:  Perfect for Jackson and Adam
best one of jack

just jack

b dock

Jack and Adam ~ Pick Up!  :(
j and a last day

Jack and Adam's Cabin when we arrived...
cabin 5 pick up


Brendan and Drew's Cabin when we arrived...
drew check out

The boys had a wonderful time!  They have already started talking about when they will go next year!!!  :)

I'll admit that I was happy to take this photo a week later on the way back to Oak Island though...
b and jack coming home


Anonymous said...

So... Um... How old was Jackson and Adam's counselor? He is a cutie! haha Glad they had a great time!

Jodee said...

It looks like the boys had a blast at camp! Great pictures!

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